The Tournament

Fog Vs Oldosh

Dick Welcome back to The Recount where we present the latest gladiator matches for your entertainment. With me as always is Tom.

Tom Thank you Dick. We have a single fight this weekend for our viewers, Oldosh vs Fog. Oldosh is among the newest of our arena competitors, and it seems he is hot on Jack’s heels in competition.

Dick That he is, apparently he felt he had to live up to Jacks one hit victory over the shadow Fog, and had to prove he too was capable of taking down the ethereal enemy.

Tom As most well know, etherial creatures such as shadows are extremely difficult combatants precisely because they cannot be damaged through normal physical means. It takes magic, or magically enhanced weapons to be able to even hit such creatures,

Dick During Jacks bout with Fog, he opened by declaring himself a cleric of Victorix and blessed his blades before the audience by pouring holy water over his blades. It cost him however when Fog tried to interrupt the ceremony with a well placed arrow.

Tom Thats right Dick, and it was a lesson well remembered by Oldosh. As soon as he noticed that Fog was carrying his bow, Oldosh quickly darted behind the left pillar on his side of the arena.

Dick This gave Fog the advantage as he used the break in sight to hide above Oldosh. Moving to the same pillar on his side of the arena, he then carefully rose in the air well above the pillar, and then flew across the arena to stop literally above Oldosh.

Tom Fog took his time doing this, being careful to make sure he was not found by Oldosh as he got into position. While it worked in his favor, it also gave Oldosh time to prepare. We are not sure exactly what he did, but we are fairly certain that Oldosh was able to cast three times, finishing the third just as Fog moved into position above him.

Dick Fogs tactic worked, after Oldosh finished his casting, he peeked around the pillar to find his opponent. Realizing that Fog was nowhere in sight, he backed away from the pillar.

Tom No doubt he remembered Fogs first fight in which he attacked Harrow from within the pillar.

Dick It didn’t do him any good however, as he backed away Fog attacked from above surprising Oldosh with an arrow. Luckily for Oldosh it wasn’t another black fletched arrow, but it still struck true.

Tom Oldosh recovered from the first strike, and unable to attack Fog who was in the air, retreated to the far pillar. Out of sight again, this time Fog returns to the ground diving into the pillar below him. This also left his possessions behind.

Dick Looking out from behind his cover, and finding nothing, again Oldosh moves away from his pillar. When still nothing happens, he then moves to the center of the arena and taunts Fog to attack him.

Tom Sure enough Fog attacks, charging out of the ground at Oldoshs’ feet. With but a touch the shadow clearly drains Oldoshs’ strength.

Dick Its not enough though, now in Oldoshs’ reach, the human swings passing his bastard sword cleanly through the shadows ethereal form. Like Jack before him, a single blow was apparently enough to down the shadow, and Oldosh stood victorious over Fog.

Tom That gives Oldosh his first Victory toward rank, having lost a match previous. His record now stands at two wins and two losses. And Fog now stands at one win and two losses, his spectacular opening and the fear it inspired completely forgotten.

and with that last comment I’d like to repeat that Fogs advantage, while powerful, if overcome is the only challenge to defeating him. Of course, if you can’t overcome it…

Dick Thanks again for tuning in, this has been The Recount, I’m Dick

Tom And I’m Tom, join us again for the latest arena coverage.


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