The Tournament

Gladiator enters the Arena

Dick We have a new challenger to the arena today, a gladiator fondly named Gladiator

Tom That we do, Dick, and he’s an eager young Elf, just entered the gates and he’s already faced off against Oldosh, The Whipping Boy, and Krell.

Dick Despite his enthusiasm, all his fights were losses, a single swing from Oldosh, The Whipping Boy took a few hits, and had a shoot off with Krell.

Tom His first fight with Oldosh was over pretty quickly, but gladiator showed his aggressive nature by charging the armored human.

Dick Against The Whipping Boy he brought out a chain shirt and long bow, which didn’t help against the Whipping Boys superior mobility, the monk got in quickly and took him down within rounds.

Tom Why he challenged Krell, noone knows. However Krell stood back and used a newly acquired Bow of his own. The two spent rounds taking shots at each other.

Dick I notice that Gladiator was taking two shots for each of Krells. He did strike true a number of times, however Krell struck once with his long bow and Gladiator decided that was the time to no longer stay in the open.

Tom Gladiator hid behind a pillar, Krell drew his greatsword and approached said pillar. When next the two met, Krell split Gladiator in twain.

Dick Thus ends our newest gladiators first three matches, despite the loses he’s eager to get back into the ring.


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