The Tournament

Oldosh vs Krell

Tom Our next match returns us to one of our first fighters, Krell, who as of making the second rank has only appeared in group battles or against the ballsy rank one challengers.

Dick Oldosh certainly had an eye for the spotlight, as soon as he made the second Rank he challenged the undefeated Krell, who was only too happy to accept.

Tom Krells prowess within the arena has certainly been memorable, spilling blood first with Number 9, his rumored underhanded victory over Electra, and finally he traded blows with the caster Marcus.

Dick His quick rise to the second rank certainly out paced his peers, and it was uncertain when next we’d see him. He has however not remained idle, taking part in a group matchup as well as defending his title against a couple of would be quick risers. The chance to see him go against someone of equal rank has long wet the appetites of our sponsors and fans.

Tom Oldosh was not as quick to rise in rank. After losing to The Whipping Boy he challenged the newly ranked Azir Tahl. Had he won he would have ranked in three fights as Krell did. It was not to be however, Tahl besting Oldosh with a fiery flourish.

Dick Oldosh was not dissuaded however. Risking his very soul he faced down the shadow Fog, and won in a single stroke. When his ranking match finally came, it was Gladiators blooding. Still, Oldosh craves notoriety, and with that craving he immediately challenged Krell.

Tom Both fighters entered the arena floor. Oldosh was sporting his trademark sword and shield. On the other end Krell was now sporting a compound bow. It seems he may have invested in weapons rather than in his trademark potions.

Dick It was a good investment though, he put that bow to good use early on. As Oldosh raised his arms to invoke the crowds, Krell took advantage of the shield being out of the way. His aim was true, he is an elf after all, and he placed an arrow cleanly in Oldosh’s chest.

Tom Probably not the greatest of sportsmanship, but there are no rules once they enter the arena. Oldosh was staggered, he fell to his knees and placed his shield squarely between himself and Krell. As Krell reached back for another shot though, Oldosh sprinted to the nearest pillar wisely getting out of sight.

Dick Not to be denied his fun, Krell dropped the bow and reached for his trademark greatsword. All this while charging down the arena floor to the pillar where Oldosh hid.

Tom Oldosh swept out to meet the taller Elf, but clearly the arrow had a devastating effect as his swing went wild. Krell brought down the greatsword and with it Oldosh’s remaining fight.

Dick Despite their equal ranking, I’m of the mind that Krell still considered the human below him. He’s obviously gotten frustrated with the upstart challengers and is looking for a “worthy” fight.

Tom I don’t know Dick, Krell seems to revel in the kill regardless of his opponents. I think he’s just bloodthirsty, probably insane. Either way, its entertainment for the spectators, especially when he parades the bodies of his victims as he did Oldosh’s.

Dick Entertainment is correct, Tom. And is what we are here to provide. When next we return, the Gladiator vs the Badger, stay tuned.


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