The Tournament

Recount 1/26

Dick Welcome back to the Recount, I’m Dick and this is Tom, with the latest from the arena.

Tom Thank you Dick, and what a batch of gladiators we meet this week. Blood matches for six new gladiators, two humans, another Elf, an Orc, a trained Badger, and even more strangely what appears to be a shadow!

Dick It was exciting Tom, some incredible match ups, and some promising gladiators. We’ll break it all down for you here in a moment folks, but first a word from our sponsors…

Now we’re starting to get into the more weird gladiators that I was hoping to attract. Things are not always going to be fair for the first rank gladiators. In many ways that reflects reality, as often as not gladiator matches were pitted purely for the enjoyment of watching one opponent simply tear another apart. Placing an unarmed man against a lion for instance. Theres nothing fair about it, the enjoyment is simply watching the beast kill. With that in mind, the shadow as a gladiator will progress quickly through the ranks, just as I expect casters to progress slowly. But there will come a time when things balance out, and its quick ascent will be its downfall. For anyone who knows what a shadow is and how to deal with it… its not hard to figure out what a well made opponent might do to the shadow. And its nature cannot be as well hidden as many of the other gladiators. That said, the savage species allowed rules that made for a CR 1 shadow, who’s only advantage is currently the advantage that makes it so nasty an opponent. Find a way around that advantage and he’ll fall apart.

I know its not much comfort to its victims, but please remember this is a game, and take comfort in the fact that a loss is far more likely to level you up. Also, save your money, you too can buy a shadow, or whatever else you can afford, including something that can deal with a shadow with faith alone.

Tom Welcome back to the Recount, our first match was between Azir Tahl, another tall elf like our reigning champion Krell, and the badger Shep.

Dick A Badger? Really Tom? Someone actually trained an animal to take part in the main gladiator fights? I could understand a beast match, but even then they are usually pitted against lions or tigers or something, but a trained badger?

Tom Get over it Dick, badgers have a reputation for a nasty attitude, and no doubt that was the aim by its trainer. And it paid off, Shep almost won this fight without being struck. And when it was struck… I’ve never heard as vicious a noise as what came from its small form.

Dick True enough, it let out a scream and proceeded to tear Tahl down. A little fuzzball of fury that Shep is. I’m curious to see how well it’ll do in the coming matches. As for the Elf, how’d he do?

Tom Tahl held his own, wisely enough he took the threat seriously.

Dick He is an elf, I’m not so sure a human would’ve done the same.

Tom Not likely. Even so, he had a match to fight, Tahl tried to spook the beast at first, with moderate success it looked like. Allowed him to draw blood, but well… our furious fuzzball taught him a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Dick The next blood match was another beast fight, or was it a monster fight?

Tom Definitely a monster fight, I don’t think a Shadow could rightly be called a beast.

Dick I believe his name is Fog, and he pissed off another owner.

Tom Someone had to draw the short straw, and Harrow was the lucky one. Now Harrow is a human, and he traded in his buckler for some patch armor for his first fight.

Dick Not that it did very good, the shadow, Fog, drew Harrow toward it by hiding in a pillar. Once Harrow drew close, Fog sapped away his strength. Harrow was swinging madly, his blade simply passing through the shadow.

Tom Nasty things. I’ll be happy when it moves on to the city arena, or even the county arena. Anywhere but here.

Dick Moving on, our 5th new gladiator’s name is Jack. And apparently this Jack knows how to work the crowds.

Tom That he does, he already got the crowd cheering him on: Jack of Blades if I remember correctly.

Dick His owner helped the hype, pitting him against another already blooded gladiator for his first match. And of all the gladiators there, he went after Shep, the Badger.

Tom Any other gladiator could have tried to rouse the crowds for themselves, but not a badger. That was a pretty tricky move on his part.

Dick Especially after he lost to the badger, Shep made quick work of him and he didn’t even get a hit in.

Tom Didn’t stop him though, he came right back for a match against Harrow, and the crowd remembered him and his chant.

Dick What a turnaround match though, Jack went from losing without drawing blood to winning without blood drawn.

Tom They approached slowly each, suddenly Harrow charges Jack.

Dick And Jack pulls out a dagger and throws it at Harrow catching him in the shoulder. It threw off Harrow’s first swing allowing Jack a clear swipe across his chest. I don’t think I’ve seen so decisive a match as that.

Tom One has to wonder how fair the match was. Harrow’s owner probably didn’t have much with which to heal him from the encounter with Fog. The whispers that were visited upon Electra after her second match will likely surround Harrow. I look forward to a cleaner match when I can see how well he’ll perform.

Dick That left our last match, and our last blooding. An Orc was brought into the arena by the name of Uktar. Did I pronounce that right?

Tom How should I know? You could probably grunt and get it right. In any case, they brought the Elf Tahl back for the Orcs blooding.

Dick I don’t know if it was out of respect or confidence, but the Elf now sporting new equipment took off his chain shirt and fought sword alone.

Tom Whatever his motives, I’m not sure the Orc was very pleased, if not outright insulted. Tahl was honorable enough, but the loss at his hands has got to be eating away at Uktar. Those Orcs are savage, practically beastly, perfect for the arena. I’ll look forward to their next meeting.

Dick So that puts us at two losses for Harrow, one loss for Uktar…

Tom A loss and a win each for Jack and Shep, one win for Fog…

Dick And finally two wins in a row for Azir Tahl. That means the elf will join the warforged in being one win from moving on to the City Arena.

Tom So lets put it all in numbers. With only one fight each, Uktar and Fog might be a natural pairing.

Concerning the special circumstances with Fog, I’ll not force anyone to fight against him, but if they’d like some free experience, here’s your chance.

Dick Azir Tahl, Jack, Shep, and Harrow all have two fights under their belts. They’ll likely be pooled together to see if and how they might want to challenge each other. The other option would be to draw straws.

Tom That leaves Electra, Marcus, and #9 from the previous week at three matches each. Once the others have a third fight under their belt, they will likely join the pool here.

Dick This has been your arena Recount, thanks again for joining us.


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Recount 1/26
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