The Tournament

Recount 3/1

Tom Welcome back to The Recount, I’m Tom and this is Dick with the latest from the Arena.

Dick Its been a busy couple of weeks in the arena (I do apologize that I haven’t recounted the previous weeks matches) and we’ve a number of fights for your viewing pleasure.

Tom Thats right Dick, and as always, what amazing matches they were. The Jack challenged Fog, the shade; Harrow challenged Krell, a rank above him, and we introduced some new gladiators to the arena.

Dick Alachai, Oldosh, and another known as The Whipping Boy. All human inductees, and while the first two seem to be professional gladiators, this whipping boy looks as his title describes.

Tom So lets get to the previous weeks matches, particularly the match between Jack and Fog.

Dick This match was highly anticipated, Fogs appearance in the arena has been quite contraversial. Many expressed unease that such a creature was allowed in the arena, and Jack used that chance to offer a challenge the Fog was all too happy to accept.

Tom There was no doubt in anyones mind that Jack had something up his sleeve, but few could have expected what this knife juggler threw our way.

Dick Thats right, when they entered the arena, Jack addressed everyone and announced himself as a follower of Victorix, our very own God of Arenas, and declared that with Victorix’s blessing he would put the shadow in its place.

Tom and with that he apparently poured holy water over his blades, blessing them in Victorix’s name. What an increadible turn of events, who would have thought Jack would be a cleric of Victorix?

Dick Jack has been the most willing to work the crowds, and his willingness to challenge a shade shows a certain bravery when even the spectators shrank from its sight. We might be blessed with the real thing here.

Tom Jack wasn’t the only one with a surpise up his sleeve, Fog entered the arena with a bow and quiver. As Jack is praying, Fog draws a black fletched arrow and fires it at Jack.

Dick Now the reason we mention this is that of all the arrows in the quiver, it was the only one with black fletchings, the common markers of bane arrows.

Tom Considering how pale Jacks face went when he got hit by the arrow, I’m thinking your right. Fog didn’t pull any stops, those arrows are not cheap. Quite honestly I’m surprised Jack survived such an arrow.

Dick Jack didn’t just survive, he finished his casting. Then dives behind the pillar to his right.

Tom Having fired the one arrow he apparently intended too, Fog drops his bow, and advances down toward Jacks end of the arena.

Dick Jack sees that Fog is approaching without the bow, and steps out to approach and meet Fog. But Fog takes the advantage of his incorporeality and literally dives below the arena floor, leaving what equipment he had on the floor behind him.

Tom Jack prepares himself for the obvious attack, but when Fog rises from the floor he is still able to get a hit in with his freezing touch. There’s only so much you can prepare for, and by this point Jack is not looking good.

Dick A hit from a bane arrow, and the freezing touch from a shadow that drains his strength, things were not looking good for Jack. However, now withing arms range of each other, Jack is able to bring his blessed blades to bare. The two dance, swinging but failing to strike each other.

Tom Fog apparently decides his freezing touch won’t work fast enough, and breaks combat to rush back to the equipment he left behind. Jack takes the advantage to charge Fog, his blades finally connect proving their magical blessing, and with a single hit Fog is down!

Dick What a match, both of these combatants entered the arena but a short time ago. Fog, being a shadow, immediately built a reputation and Jack’s style and crowd working had made him well liked, but with this victory Jack has solidified himself as a master of the gladiator arena.

Tom Whats more, this makes for two wins in a row for Jack, one more and he’ll join Krell at the city level. With a win like that, and Victorix’s blessing, It won’t be long in coming.

Dick Now our second fight was also pretty spectacular. Harrow who had lost two games thus far challenged Krell, our reigning champion and only undefeated Gladiator. A brave move on his part, but just looking at both their records everything was in Krells favor.

Tom It wasn’t so clean cut however. Harrow had apparently been training, he’s picked up a bow and some new moves. When they faced each other from across the floor, Harrow darts forward and fires a shot from his bow and striking Krell fairly seriously.

Dick Krell, as he has done so many times in the past, pulls out a potion and drinks it down while Harrow dives out of sight. Krell then charges down the arena floor toward Harrow, taunting him the whole time.

Tom Now unlike Krells previous two potions that he has used, one went unidentified as it had no visible effect. The other was a growth potion with obvious effect. This potion was no growth potion, but it does have a visible effect showing that he has changed his preferred choices.

Dick Thats right Tom, this potion blurs him, making Krell harder to hit. Its no wonder Krell hasn’t hid behind the pillars as Jack had done.

Tom Now Harrow hiding behind the pillar doesn’t see what Krell has done, so when he jumps out to fire another shot as before, his shot passes harmlessly through the blured Krell.

Dick Krell now having a visible and accessible target, charges striking a fairly serious blow of his own. With a single hit Harrow is already looking in bad shape. But he does survive to dive behind the opposite pillar on his side of the arena.

Tom He doesn’t just dive behind, when Krell follows he fails to see where Harrow has gone. Harrow takes the advantage to jump out into sight and fire another shot at the much closer Krell. This time the blur effect doesn’t help and Krell takes another hit from Harrows bow. Both opponents at this point are looking ready to drop.

Dick Unfortunately Harrow had jumped out adjacent to Krell, a step and a sweep of his greatsword and Harrow drops. The fight goes to Krell as expected, but Harrows loss was well earned by Krell. Two shots from Harrows bow and Krell doesn’t look steady. Krell holds his thumb out horizontal to the crowd allowing them to determine Harrows fate.

Tom This is most unusual, but it works in Harrows favor as the crowd is amazed at how he has picked up his game. They cheer in Harrows favor and Krells thumb raises. He then limps off the arena floor, an attendant under each arm. Harrow has proven himself with this fight, even at a loss.

Dick So as of last week, that placed Jack at one loss and two wins, a third win in a row and he’ll join Krell at the city level. Harrow has lost 3 matches now, his loss at Krells hands not unexpected but very nearly a win. A single match for each of these gladiators and they have made names for themselves. These are the guys to beat.

Tom We’ll return shortly to recount this weekends fights, but first a message from our sponsers.

These two fights took place last week, and I just hadn’t recounted them. I’ll finish this post here for this reason, and recount this weeks fights here in a moment.


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