The Tournament

Recount 3/1 part 2

Dick Welcome back, as mentioned this weeks fights introduces yet more gladiators to the ring. Alachai, Oldosh, and The Whipping Boy.

Tom All human, The Whipping boy and Alachai fought first. The Whipping Boy looks like a whipping boy, he’s covered in welts and scars, and nicely enough his owner has seen fit to allow him to wear a burlap sack. He didn’t even enter the arena with the typical gladius and buckler.

Dick Yea, this was starting to look like a slaughter for him, his opponent Alachai entered the arena wearing leather armor, a light shield, and a morning star. The guy was also wearing white with Victorix’s symbol on his chest. We may have another cleric here.

Tom Oddly enough, it was the whipping boy who sat down to pray, while Alachai worked the crowds. When Alachai notices that his opponent is seemingly unwilling to join in, he reveals himself as a caster by casting a magic missile at the whipping boy.

Dick Unable to avoid the magic missile, the Whipping boy stands up and charges Alachai unarmed. At this point I’m thinking the Whipping boy is a monk, he moves easily and surely, and his unarmed blows stagger Alachai. During his charge Alachai was able to get another missile off.

Tom Alachai steps back to prevent interruption at the monks hands, and fires another Magic missile. Thats three missiles that the monk has taken, and its starting to show. The monk, in an effort to defend himself joins Alachai in arms range and trips the caster.

Dick This is generally not a good position for a caster to be in, but Alachai presses the attack while prone, and casts yet another Magic Missile before getting back to his feet.

Tom Still in arms range of the monk, Whipping Boy launches into a flurry of blows forcing Alachai to hide behind his shield. Alachai attempts to hit the monk with a frost Ray at this point, but it passes over the monks shoulders.

Dick The monk steps in under Alachai’s casting and delivers a final blow inside the casters defenses, and Alachai goes down. It was a very close match, having moved so swiftly during his initial charge, the monk needs assistance leaving the arena.

Tom Its interesting to note that Alachai is wearing Victorix’s symbol. And while he is casting and wearing armor, a trait shared by most clerics, he was using primarily Magic Missile, which is not often cast by the faithful, but by students of the Arcane.

Dick Yet students of the arcane rarely wear armor as it interfers with their ability to cast. Alachai did not seem to have any troubles from his leather armor and his shield. Is it possible that we have a rare warmage in our arena?

Tom Now for his bloodmatch, Oldosh faces the loser of the previous match, Alachai. Like Alachai, Oldosh had traded in his buckler and gladius, instead wearing Hide leather and wielding a battleaxe.

as with previous blood matches, I allowed Alachai to refresh and heal without cost, considering the next match on a following day. Most of our fights this week were cosidered as such since each time someone was walking in fresh and facing someone who would otherwise have already fought.

Dick Like Jack, both of these combatants turn to the crowd looking for support, all the while they approach each other. Alachai makes the first move casting Magic Missle at Oldosh, before moving to the corner of the pillar to his right.

Tom Oldosh accepts the blow and charges Alachai attempting to interrupt another spell that Alachai is already casting. He strikes true breaking the casters motions and preventing another spell from being cast.

Dick Alachai, having already lost the spell he intended to cast, backs away and runs around the pillar to escape Oldosh. Oldosh gives chase and strikes Alachai, taking him down with a second blow.

Tom Alachai has faced two hand to hand opponents now, and like our other caster Marcus he has failed to claim victory. Oldosh on the other hand claims victory in two hits, however they are two hits against a caster, impressive only in that it took a monk more hits to also down the same caster.

now having given Alachai a free recovery, it was only fair that I also give WB a free recovery. However, the next fight was Oldosh vs WB, and with WB freely refreshed, it was only fair that Oldosh be freely recovered, and Alachai Freely recovered. This snowballed, so all the fights were on free recovery.

Dick Now our next fight was Oldosh vs The Whipping Boy, both of them victorious over Alachai. It was time to see how they’d do against each other.

Tom Oldosh spent his winnings upgrading his armor, he entered the arena wearing a chain shirt and wielding a bastard sword. The monk on the other hand was still wearing the burlap sack.

Dick As per their last fights, the monk sat down in prayer, and Oldosh appealed to the crowds. Oldosh walked toward the monk the whole while. Once he was close enough Oldosh charged the monk.

Tom Now these two were experienced fighters, they danced for a short while never breaking combat. The monk circled around getting Oldosh’s back to the gate in which he entered.

Dick It is interesting to note that the Monks blows were particularly emphasized, it seemed like there were sparks…

Tom It was hard to see, some mentioned it, but not many. Either way as the two fought, Oldosh seemed to slow down and stagger as if he was drunk. Their dance lasted for a short time, and finally Oldosh dropped to the floor no longer able to stand.

Dick The monk held his arms wide, refusing to help Oldosh back up. But for some reason it didn’t stop Oldosh from slapping him on the back and congratulating the Monk on his win. Oldosh had to be helped off the arena floor.

Tom Now The Whipping Boy, having defeated two opponents was sitting at one win from ranking, his next fight would be against Azir Tahl who had a win and a loss under his belt.

Dick This would be an interesting fight, the disciplined monk vs a disciplined swordsman…. err, swordself? I wonder, is this the elven blade dancer style that he uses?

Tom I dont’ think so Dick, I doubt the Elves even allow its secrets to be taught here. Though that would be pretty spectacular if it were so, we would have to ask for a demonstration if so.

Dick So the two combatants enter the arena, and as always the Monk sits down and begins praying. Rallying the crowds Tahl drinks a potion before he approaches the Monk and cries “Lets get this over with.”

Tom There was some discussion between the two of them, not sure what was said, but the two combatants seemed to come to an agreement before taking stance. The monk opened the fight with a ferocious flurry of blows.

Dick Tahl holds his own though. Like the previous match between the monk and Oldosh, the two combatants don’t break arms range as they fight. At one point Tahl flourishes his blade in such a way that it seems to catch fire, after another few blows between the two he falls back into a different stance and then jumps and comes down with an over-head chop that downs the Monk.

Tom Their fight was very close, and while there wasn’t a lot of movement, the speed and almost choreography of the match was beautiful to behold, the crowd held silent while they sparred, and didn’t start cheering until after the Monk was down for a few seconds. Tahl then helps the monk up, they share a few words and then exit the arena on good terms.

Dick Tahl had good reason to be on good terms, this match gave him two wins in a row, another and he’ll rank to join Krell, who is apparently not very fond of his fellow elf.

Tom The next fight would be between Oldosh and Azir Tahl. With two wins previous this was a potential ranking fight for Tahl.

Dick Oldosh approached Tahl at a walking pace as he raised his arms and appealed to the crowd. Tahl instead readied himself for the attack that was coming.

Tom Once Oldosh reached the mid point of the arena, he charged Tahl. Tahl, having prepared himself, attempted to trip Oldosh once in range.

Dick While he failed attempting to trip Oldosh, he did succeed in throwing off Oldoshes attack. His bastard sword went wild. Tahl stepped to the side attempting to circle Oldosh as he attacked.

Tom Swords were joined, parried, dodged, and blooded. Oldosh attempted to keep Tahl from circling by moving down the arena in the same direction.

Dick It was over pretty quickly though, Oldosh didn’t get any significant hits, but with a flourish that set his blade on fire Tahl sruck hard at Oldosh. With but a few strong blows Oldosh was down.

Tom Tahl won his 3rd straight match, which allows him to join Krell at the city level. And with Krells previous remarks concerning Azir Tahl, they will finally be able to bring their enmity to the arena.

Dick Our final fight this week was between The Jack and Alachai. This could potentially be Jacks 3rd win in a row, we might have a third qualifier in the City Arena. And considering the losses suffered by Alachai, its looking pretty good for Jack.

Tom Jack and Alachai both set the fight to the crowd early on. They had moderate success, The Jack tossed one of his daggers into the pillar at his right, and declared that his blades would as easily sink into Alachai’s skull.

Dick That is an odd comparison, considering it didn’t slide so far into the pillar, usually people say something about hot knives and butter don’t they?

Tom If anyone would know it’d be you, Dick.

Dick The two combatants made their way toward each other, Alachai opening first with one of his spells again. The Jack takes the hit and runs to the left mid pillar to get out of line of sight.

Tom Alachai tries to keep his distance while getting a visual on Jack, he circles wide coming close to the right middle pillar.

Dick Once in sight, Jack charges him hoping to get there first. His blades deflect off the shield Alachai brings between them.

Tom Alachai falls into his familiar routine, backs our of range of the blades and casts. Jack presses the attack by moving in and swinging.

Dick They moved about the arena in that mannor, Jack chasing the retreating and casting Alachai. All the while Alachai keeps his shield up and does his best to deflect Jacks blows while keeping up a barrage of his magic missiles.

Tom Their fight continues in this way for quite a while, I think I counted five magic missiles, and they took their toll on Jack. He eventually fell to the barrage, quite unexpectedly. I think this is the first caster win we’ve seen.

Dick It is Tom, Marcus’s only win was a group match, which doesn’t count toward his personal wins.

The Jacks loss in the case was quite heavily influenced by his rolls. His die were not cooperating, I don’t think he rolled above a 10 on any of his attacks. The night was long, and we had a number of fights for me to record, which I failed at come the last few fights. If I’ve left any important details out that anyone feels needs be mentioned let me know I’ll try and edit them in.

Tom So after two fights tonight, Azir Tahl has raised in rank to be able to compete at the City level.

Dick Alachai and Oldosh both have one win and two losses, Alachai’s last fight a win, and Oldosh’s last fight a loss.

Tom The Jack has two wins and two losses, his latest a loss. He’ll have to make up two wins before he can try for City rank again.

Dick And finally The Whipping Boy who has two wins and his third game a loss.

Tom Thanks again for joining us for The Recount, where we bring you the lastest if delayed fights.

So 9 and Shep are still both at 2 wins and on the verge of ranking. Electra and Oldosh are both sitting at 1 win and two losses, it might be nice getting those two together. Alachai and Marcus both being casters might be fun to get together. If any of these players like the matches that I have suggested please let me know, I’ll try and get ahold of them myself as well.

And of course as always, if anyone would like to make a challage of their own, you can do so here or let me know. I can pass challenges on to whoever needs to receive them.


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