The Tournament

Recount 3/23

Tom Welcome back to The Recount. I’m Tom, and with me as always is Dick, here to bring you the latest from the arena.

Dick A couple of exciting matches this weekend, back to back fights for our warforged Number 9. His first a ranking match against the caster Alachai, and the second without rest against the human known as The Whipping Boy.

Tom It seems both his challengers picked up new tricks since last we saw them, what was Alachai casting this time in place of his usual arcane missiles?

Dick I’m not sure Tom, it seemed he was lifting stones from the very arena floor and hailing them down on #9 and his immediate area.

Tom I noticed #9 was taking a page from Krells book, drinking potions during his match against Alachai. Were we able to identify what he used?

Dick One was a haste potion certainly, I’ve never seen anything move as fast as he did without such a potion. As for the first, we can’t be sure, probably some sort of attribute enhancement.

Tom And he was wielding a heavy flail this time I noticed as well, a step away from the greatsword everyone decided to choose early on.

Dick No less devastating a weapon however, #9 used that flail to full effect.

Tom This is how it went folks, #9 drank his first potion as soon as the gates closed, it was almost destroyed by Alachai’s first hail of stones.

Dick Alachai then retreated behind the pillar to his left, with no immediate threat #9 downed his second potion while running to the mid pillar on the same side.

Tom Alachai apparently didn’t see where #9 went. Jumping out from behind his pillar and finding nothing he darts across to his right side pillar.

Dick #9 was smart enough to keep an eye out, once Alachai was behind his new choice of hiding spot he closed the distance placing himself on the opposite side of the same pillar.

Tom At this point we did see the effects of #9’s haste potion, covering the distance between the pillars in a very short time indeed. The noise of his run unmistakable too, Alachai couldn’t have missed that #9 was coming his way.

Dick Indeed he did not, Tom, taking leave of his cover Alachai sprung out and cast another hail of stones as soon as he saw the warforged. Unfortunately this placed him in range of another of #9’s devastating charges.

Tom In almost sounded looked like he’d caved in the casters chest with that blow. #9 swung full force at the end of a charge and just buried the ball of the flail.

Dick Alachai just dropped, it seemed he was about to cast something, reached out to grab the warforged but failed. Instead he dropped to his knees and offered himself in defeat.

Tom #9 accepted the surrender, and with that he won his 3rd victory in a row, ranking him. But the night was not over, without rest he was to face the Whipping Boy.

Dick Now #9 had already taken some damage from the stones hurled at him by Alachai, and the potions used in his previous match would certainly have worn off, was he allowed any recovery before his next fight?

Tom I’m told he was given a healing potion for his wounds, but of course Warforged don’t take the healing properties nearly as well as more flesh and blood drinkers. The potion was practically given to him through the bars on his side of the arena while Alachai was escorted out and Whipping Boy was brought in. There was certainly doubt as to his ability to hold on to the rank he just earned.

Dick Now as we mentioned, it did seem that our boy here learned some new tricks as well, at one point during the fight his fists burst into flames for a short while did they not?

Tom That they did, I’ve only ever seen another gladiator burst into flames and that was Electra on the receiving end of Marcus’s spells, not intentionally on her part. Though she did use that to her advantage.

Dick Now before this fight, Whipping Boy certainly seemed to try avoiding the inevitable, this time he willingly approached #9 and bowed to his opponent. Has he finally accepted his fate within the arena?

Tom I’m not sure Dick, while he did approach willingly, he still motioned to try to calm the crowds. In either case, #9 returned the bow.

Dick People will do odd things in acceptance of their fate. Still, the fight was exciting, after taking stance, #9 charged in his usual manner.

Tom What was not usual about this was that the boy reacted by tripping the warforged and tossing it over his shoulder. Those warforged are not light, that was incredible!

Dick Whipping Boy allowed #9 to get back to his feet, and again both squared off before continuing their fight.

Tom #9’s flail was already shown to be devastating in the last fight, and it seemed the boy knew it well doing everything he could to avoid the blows. #9 swings, the boy dodges.

Dick The boy didn’t just dodge though, he came up swinging, and this was when his fists lit on fire.

Tom The warforged armor was too thick however, it didn’t seem that the boys blows did him any good.

Dick Not at first, another swing by #9, the boy evading, and then the boy stepped in and struck twice. His first blow was shrugged off again, but the second connected solidly.

Tom The step in was costly however as #9 finally lands a blow of his own, a square hit that left the boy gasping for breath, the flames on his fists dieing out as he recovers.

Dick Still the boy fought on, stepping in behind the extended arms of the warforged scoring another blow.

Tom they fought like this for the rest of their match, the boy hit a great many times, and certainly did a great deal of damage to the warforged. All the while trying to avoid #9’s heavy flail with only moderate success.

Dick #9 got another hit in shortly after his first, but it seemed he would not hit the boy again. Whipping boy whittled away at his opponent, and it seemed he just might win, till #9 got that last hit in.

Tom Whipping Boy was knocked to his back side, where he struggled, but did not rise again. It was actually rather valiant, and he did make the warforged earn his victory, the living Golem needed help leaving the arena.

Dick So there you have it folks, this weekends matches, two more wins for the warforged #9, one a ranking bout, he’s certainly earned his right to fight in the city league.

Tom Another loss for both our armored caster Alachai, and the Whipping Boy. Who knows what the arena will bring us next?


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