The Tournament

Tom and Dick Recount Jan 18th 09

Tom: We had some incredible fights at the local arena today, didn’t we Dick?

Dick: We sure did Tom, two new gladiators joined the arena, each bringing their own brand of gladiator superiority.

Tom: Both gladiators were blooded a couple of days ago against each other were they not?

Dick: That they were Tom, their fight was even closer than the one we witnessed between the elf, Krell, and the warforged, Number 9.

Tom: Our first new gladiator is a human named Marcus. And while he has not done so well yet on the individual level, he did bring some powerful help during the group match up. He is apparently a caster of sorts, thus far he’s made strong use of fire.

Dick: Our other new gladiator is a female half-elf named Electra. She proved quite fearless when facing down Marcus, ignoring the flames that Marcus set to her and actually grappling with Marcus to set him to his own flames!

Tom: That was some incredible fighting on her part, its the rare fighter that is able to use their opponents magic to their benefit. I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll bring to the arena.

Dick: Both fighters collapsed during their inaugural fight didn’t they?

Tom: That they did Dick, both on fire, Electra was pressing Marcus and ignoring that she was on fire. Marcus so pressed was not given the chance to put his flames out either. It proved to be both their undoing, and while Marcus did indeed drop first to Electra’s gladius, Electra dropped shortly after from her own wounds received.

Dick: What an amazing opening fight! I’d hate to have been the one to clean either of them up, those wounds would not have been pretty.

While all these fights took place on the same real day, I did allow Val and Marcus to completely rest up before they fought Krell and Number 9. So in the recap I am expressing this as having taken place on separate in game days. Once they all had one fight under their belts, I enforced that the rest of the fights would be same day. What this means is that they would not be allowed to heal between fights unless they spent their money buying healing. Losing Gladiators not only had fewer gold with which to work, they required spending more to heal up. This is of course by their own choice, if they don’t wish to spend their gold on healing, they simply won’t be able to fight again the same day.

That said, I hope all gladiators didn’t spend their gold to heal at the end of the night.

Tom: So what was the line up then today? All four gladiators were brought together after their initial bouts. Who fought who?

Dick: Number 9 and Marcus had both lost their initial bouts, so they were paired off first. Afterward Electra and Krell paired off. Number 9 and Electra would then be paired just to see how they’d do, and finally Krell and Marcus. This would give everyone the chance to have faced each other once.

Tom: The combatants had also used their winnings from their first matches to improve the equipment they used. It seems this years favored weapon is the great sword. A powerful weapon to be sure, only Marcus did not opt to purchase a sword.

Dick: As would be expected of a caster.

Tom: Certainly Dick. But he did make some purchases of his own, it seems this caster is not unaccustomed to armor.

Dick: Now that is a rare site to see, most casters seem to be inhibited by armor, and they don’t use it lightly. There is more to Marcus than at first apparent, I’m curious what we’ll see of this particular gladiator. Now our previous winners also bought chain armor, which is a crying shame, despite the burns received, Electra is a fine looking female.

Tom: You’ll get no argument from me there.

If you think a burning chick wearing only a loincloth went without joke, you don’t know gamers very well

Dick: So our first match between Number 9 and Marcus, how did that turn out?

Tom: Short, very short, Dick. Number 9 used his new and very fine great sword to almost deadly effect, in but two swings Marcus was down. Marcus was only able to get a single spell off against the warforged before he fell, and to his dismay apparently Number 9 is fireproof. At least more so than Val was a few days ago.

Dick: Thats too bad for Marcus, its two losses in a row. But apparently he did win enough to heal up and continue fighting. For such a short fight I’m amazed the crowd reacted so well.

Tom: From what I hear, Number 9 was the favored, and money was riding on this fight.

Dick: Ahh money, the great crowd pleaser.

Tom: Our next fight was the battle of the two elves, and previous champions. How did that turn out?

Dick: A spectacular fight. Both came out strong. Krell’s tall, taller than humans, (he’s actually decided to use the Pathfinder Elf description, which like Tolkeen, descrbes Elves as being tall) and he towered over Electra. Electra on the other hand seemed more accustom to using her great sword. It was anyone’s guess who might walk away with victory.

Tom: Something happened during the fight though, Krells opening attack was not with blade, but with fist it seemed.

Dick: Thats right Tom, but he didn’t strike Electra. It appears that Krell might be a caster as well. We are not sure exactly what he did, but within moments Electra went from looking ready to take on a minotaur to fighting back some sort of illness. In any case, the fearlessness she showed against Marcus fled her, and she spent the fight against Krell on the defensive. It didn’t last and Krell was declared victor as he struck her down.

Tom: Thats too bad for Electra. But it meant that Krell had won two matches in a row. A third win on his part and he’ll be considered good enough to go on as an attraction at the main arena. Now Electra was set to fight again next against the warforged, Number 9. Did the events of this fight affect her next?

Dick: It certainly seems to have, her healers attended her between matches. They were able to bind her wounds received, but it appears their was noone who could look in to her mysterious malady. Whispers are her fight against Number 9 was tainted.

Tom: Whispers being only what they were, Electra came out swinging strong against the warforged. Blows were traded, the crowds cheered. After a few blows with 9 though, Electra backed off and tried to use potions to heal her wounds. 9 was apparently in range, and after chasing her around one of the pillars, he threw down his great sword and grabbed the half-elf.

Dick: And did he?! The crowds went crazy as the warforged crushed his opponent in his arms, and then proceeded to slam her bodily against the pillar. The small elf did not last under that beating. Oddly enough though, the warforged gingerly set her unconscious body on the ground before grabbing his great sword and walking away.

Tom: Say what you will about warforged, this one is a hell of a sportsman.

Dick: Thats right Tom, and not just in this match. They meet up afterward and teamed up to challenge Krell and Marcus together.

Tom: They sure did, but the announcement didn’t come until after Krell and Marcus fought.

Dick: And how did Krell and Marcus’s bout go?

Tom: Marcus came prepared for his bout this time. He opened the fight using a scroll that apparently turned his fists to stone. After going a few blows against the elf, the elf backed off. However, the elf was not without his own preparations. Krell used his winnings to purchase a couple of potions. We’re not sure what the first one did, but the second was obviously a growth potion.

Dick: Oh yea, you cant hide the effects of a potion of growth.

Tom: Krell had hid behind one of the pillars, no doubt to avoid any interruption from the caster. After downing the two potions, he stepped out a giant. Marcus had approached the pillar, only to find a giant as his opponent. The giant Krell got a few good swings in, the first devastating enough, but the second nearly cleaved Marcus in two.

Dick: The crowds were in an uproar, its not often we see giant fights at the local level. That was a real treat for them. And with three wins in a row, Krell has solidified his eligibility to move on to the city league. This is one gladiator that has more than proven his resourcefulness, and he’ll carry on our local arenas name with pride.

Tom: Whats more, this was when the announcement was made that 9 and Electra was issuing a challenge to Krell offering him Marcus as his teammate. If anything, this packed our little local arena. Entertainment like this is a rare commodity. Both teams were allowed a short time to prepare. During this time arena officials were consulted. It was decided that with Krell having raised in rank, this fight would be handled as a city level fight. The excitement was tangible and static, these gladiators were making heros of themselves.

My ideas for this game were still new in forming, the current rules do not match what was decided for this match.

Dick: So coming in to this fight, we had two rank one gladiators facing off against a rank two gladiator, paired with the caster Marcus who had yet to win a fight. How was Electra feeling after the reprieve?

Tom: To stress, we dont’ know what, if anything, Krell had inflicted Electra with. She had looked strong during her bout with 9, and its only whispers that persisted of her still under the effects of Krells attack. She entered the arena as strong as ever, and certainly looked to desire some revenge against the taller elf.

Dick: And 9 who had blooded himself against Krell, and also lost. That was his only loss previous, was he also looking for some comeback?

Tom: Oh undoubtedly. These gladiators, here by desire or by design, live and die by their reputations. A loss is a greater injury than a sword strike. Of course, by challenging Krell as a team, 9 and Electra were basically admitting that they could not take him alone.

Dick: Now Krell agreed to take as his partner the caster Marcus. The only gladiator to not have won a match yet. Did Krell see some value to the caster? or was he simply confident that he didn’t need any help?

Tom: Theres always value to having a partner, even if that value is providing the opponents someone else to pay attention to while you attack unopposed. But having been given the opportunity to consult with each other before the match, its likely the pair found some common ground to work with.

Dick: By the time they entered the arena floor, everyone was looking strong, and the fire was in their eyes.

Tom: It should be noted that Number 9 brought with him a newly purchased compound bow. No doubt looking for an advantage at range. Though he has proven quick on his feet, often opening his fights with charges. I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish.

Dick: It was also noted that Krell had with him a couple of potions again. That aside, once Krell and Marcus recognized that 9 had a ranged weapon, both retreated behind the pillars at their end of the arena. From here Krell quickly downed the two potions he had. As before one was a growth potion, and we are still not sure what else the other potion was, no doubt also a repeat.

Tom: With 9 threatening the whole arena floor, and both of their opponents hiding behind pillars, it was Electra who charged across the floor. Likely intending to draw Krell or Marcus out into the open where 9 could take aim.

Dick: Didn’t work out so well for her though, Marcus was not idle as he hid. Instead he drew up a wall of fog that obscured their end of the arena. Placing that fog directly over where Electra stood, it apparently had more of an effect than to simply obscure their positions. Electra emerged retching, and she emerged on their side of the wall.

Tom: Krell was quick to react, charging and attacking the vulnerable half-elf. 9 at the far end of the field, and unable to draw a clear shot through the fog, trades out his bow for his great sword and charged into the fog to aid his partner.

Dick: Marcus, the only combatant left at range returned to using his familiar fire bolts, sending them Electras way as she’s fighting off Krell’s aggression. This time they don’t set her on fire, but she’s not in good shape or position. What does she do? Again she uses the casters spells against her opponents! She took a deep breath and dove back through the wall of fog, this time emerging on the far side without ill effect, and removing herself from their direct assault.

Tom: of course, this now leaves 9 to the mercy of both opponents. He was unaffected by the nauseous fog, which isn’t surprising as he’s a warforged. Showing the same strength he’s shown in every fight, he brought his great sword to bear against the now giant Krell.

Dick: A growth potion does indeed strengthen its imbiber, but it doesn’t grant any durability. So while Krell can hit harder, he’s still just as weak as before, and can’t take a blow like a real giant could. Not to mention that with a larger profile, he’s easier to hit.

Tom: Absolutely Dick, and I’m sure 9 took full advantage of that fact. He dove in hard and strong, no doubt trying to take Krell down as fast as he could.

Dick: Didn’t do him any good though. With Electra temporarily retreated, Krell was not under any more pressure than usual. He turned around and crushed 9 with but a few blows.

Tom: Meanwhile Marcus comes around the far end of the pillar to continue attacking Electra. She had drawn a couple of healing potions while she was out of threat, but her rest was not long enough. Marcus opened up with his firebolts.

Dick: Electra charges Marcus in an attempt to take him out of the fight. Krell who had just dropped 9 charges Electra. Marcus survives, Electra does not.

Tom: And I think I saw a sigh escape from Marcus’s lips, he had not done well against his opponents till now.

Dick: What an incredible night! The individual matches were all spectacular, most of them very close matches. And the team battle at the end was just a treat for everyone. Marcus proved himself to be a worthy partner. If not for his actions that fight would not have been so tag team.

Tom: This is a night to remember. Number 9 is on the verge of gaining rank 2, one more win is all he needs and he’ll join Krell in the city arena. Those two are developing quite the grudge. Their next match against each other will be one for the bards, and every match there after.

Dick: Electra has shown herself to be an adept opponent for casters. I’m looking forward to her next match against Marcus or any other caster if another shows up. They are a very rare breed of gladiator. If she can develop her skill against the regular weapon wielding gladiators, she’ll be a force to fear.

Tom: And Marcus, against the other gladiators individually really showed how weak casters are physically. But his spells proved a powerful ally for Krell in the group fight, splitting up and isolating their opponents. Any team he is on will be favored, and if he can master handling opponents individually he’ll rise to the city arena in no time flat.

Dick: Yea, Krell has not left behind his sparring partners by any means. These guys, and gal, will be hot on his heals, joining him to compete at the city level in no time. Meanwhile, he may find that he’s a big fish in a small pool, we’ll have to see how the city arena treats him.

Tom: I’m looking forward to what other gladiators might join as well. I hear some new blood might be brought in to our local arena soon. The excitement of tonight has definitely attracted the attention of other owners who’d like to get in on a bigger scene.

Dick: I don’t think I’m alone in saying “I can’t wait.” Thanks again everyone for listening in. This has been Dick and Tom recounting the latest arena matches. Sponsored by The Dungeon Crew “You empty it of hostiles, we’ll pay you to be allowed to empty it of goods! Earn gold on all that junk that you can’t carry back alone, Market pricing at no additional cost to you, and 10% greater pricing if you open a special banking account with us!” Thanks again all, and have a good night.


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