The Tournament


Okay, now that I’ve got this Wiki updated currently it becomes painfully obvious that this game has been neglected. Which is okay, especially as it was meant as a background amusement anyway. However, having put this wiki together I am interested in getting the fights going again.

Just to note, in the write ups for the fights I had apparently forgotten who was what Rank and how their fighting history had gone. The advantage of this wiki is that I have a much better way to keep track of those now, however at the time, having forgotten who had done what, their were a few fights that were scheduled that wouldn’t have otherwise taken place. Fights have been recorded properly, and no major changes needed to be made, but they won’t match up with what the recounts actually say. No matter, Tom and Dick both offer their apologies both to the public who rely upon their accurate reporting and to the fighters who’s reputation relies upon accurate reporting. It shouldn’t happen again.

As mentioned, I would like to get the fights rolling again. I will keep the game on Hiatus status, because it is meant as background amusement, but if anyone would like to make challenges, create gladiators, or if anyone would like to offer their services as bookie, let me know. I will be in contact with others about trying to get some fights going, and I will post here as well as in my facebook and livejournal so as to encourage betting on the fights.


leopardeternal leopardeternal

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