The Tournament

Oldosh vs Krell

Tom Our next match returns us to one of our first fighters, Krell, who as of making the second rank has only appeared in group battles or against the ballsy rank one challengers.

Dick Oldosh certainly had an eye for the spotlight, as soon as he made the second Rank he challenged the undefeated Krell, who was only too happy to accept.

Tom Krells prowess within the arena has certainly been memorable, spilling blood first with Number 9, his rumored underhanded victory over Electra, and finally he traded blows with the caster Marcus.

Dick His quick rise to the second rank certainly out paced his peers, and it was uncertain when next we’d see him. He has however not remained idle, taking part in a group matchup as well as defending his title against a couple of would be quick risers. The chance to see him go against someone of equal rank has long wet the appetites of our sponsors and fans.

Tom Oldosh was not as quick to rise in rank. After losing to The Whipping Boy he challenged the newly ranked Azir Tahl. Had he won he would have ranked in three fights as Krell did. It was not to be however, Tahl besting Oldosh with a fiery flourish.

Dick Oldosh was not dissuaded however. Risking his very soul he faced down the shadow Fog, and won in a single stroke. When his ranking match finally came, it was Gladiators blooding. Still, Oldosh craves notoriety, and with that craving he immediately challenged Krell.

Tom Both fighters entered the arena floor. Oldosh was sporting his trademark sword and shield. On the other end Krell was now sporting a compound bow. It seems he may have invested in weapons rather than in his trademark potions.

Dick It was a good investment though, he put that bow to good use early on. As Oldosh raised his arms to invoke the crowds, Krell took advantage of the shield being out of the way. His aim was true, he is an elf after all, and he placed an arrow cleanly in Oldosh’s chest.

Tom Probably not the greatest of sportsmanship, but there are no rules once they enter the arena. Oldosh was staggered, he fell to his knees and placed his shield squarely between himself and Krell. As Krell reached back for another shot though, Oldosh sprinted to the nearest pillar wisely getting out of sight.

Dick Not to be denied his fun, Krell dropped the bow and reached for his trademark greatsword. All this while charging down the arena floor to the pillar where Oldosh hid.

Tom Oldosh swept out to meet the taller Elf, but clearly the arrow had a devastating effect as his swing went wild. Krell brought down the greatsword and with it Oldosh’s remaining fight.

Dick Despite their equal ranking, I’m of the mind that Krell still considered the human below him. He’s obviously gotten frustrated with the upstart challengers and is looking for a “worthy” fight.

Tom I don’t know Dick, Krell seems to revel in the kill regardless of his opponents. I think he’s just bloodthirsty, probably insane. Either way, its entertainment for the spectators, especially when he parades the bodies of his victims as he did Oldosh’s.

Dick Entertainment is correct, Tom. And is what we are here to provide. When next we return, the Gladiator vs the Badger, stay tuned.

Gladiator enters the Arena

Dick We have a new challenger to the arena today, a gladiator fondly named Gladiator

Tom That we do, Dick, and he’s an eager young Elf, just entered the gates and he’s already faced off against Oldosh, The Whipping Boy, and Krell.

Dick Despite his enthusiasm, all his fights were losses, a single swing from Oldosh, The Whipping Boy took a few hits, and had a shoot off with Krell.

Tom His first fight with Oldosh was over pretty quickly, but gladiator showed his aggressive nature by charging the armored human.

Dick Against The Whipping Boy he brought out a chain shirt and long bow, which didn’t help against the Whipping Boys superior mobility, the monk got in quickly and took him down within rounds.

Tom Why he challenged Krell, noone knows. However Krell stood back and used a newly acquired Bow of his own. The two spent rounds taking shots at each other.

Dick I notice that Gladiator was taking two shots for each of Krells. He did strike true a number of times, however Krell struck once with his long bow and Gladiator decided that was the time to no longer stay in the open.

Tom Gladiator hid behind a pillar, Krell drew his greatsword and approached said pillar. When next the two met, Krell split Gladiator in twain.

Dick Thus ends our newest gladiators first three matches, despite the loses he’s eager to get back into the ring.


Okay, now that I’ve got this Wiki updated currently it becomes painfully obvious that this game has been neglected. Which is okay, especially as it was meant as a background amusement anyway. However, having put this wiki together I am interested in getting the fights going again.

Just to note, in the write ups for the fights I had apparently forgotten who was what Rank and how their fighting history had gone. The advantage of this wiki is that I have a much better way to keep track of those now, however at the time, having forgotten who had done what, their were a few fights that were scheduled that wouldn’t have otherwise taken place. Fights have been recorded properly, and no major changes needed to be made, but they won’t match up with what the recounts actually say. No matter, Tom and Dick both offer their apologies both to the public who rely upon their accurate reporting and to the fighters who’s reputation relies upon accurate reporting. It shouldn’t happen again.

As mentioned, I would like to get the fights rolling again. I will keep the game on Hiatus status, because it is meant as background amusement, but if anyone would like to make challenges, create gladiators, or if anyone would like to offer their services as bookie, let me know. I will be in contact with others about trying to get some fights going, and I will post here as well as in my facebook and livejournal so as to encourage betting on the fights.

Recount 3/23

Tom Welcome back to The Recount. I’m Tom, and with me as always is Dick, here to bring you the latest from the arena.

Dick A couple of exciting matches this weekend, back to back fights for our warforged Number 9. His first a ranking match against the caster Alachai, and the second without rest against the human known as The Whipping Boy.

Tom It seems both his challengers picked up new tricks since last we saw them, what was Alachai casting this time in place of his usual arcane missiles?

Dick I’m not sure Tom, it seemed he was lifting stones from the very arena floor and hailing them down on #9 and his immediate area.

Tom I noticed #9 was taking a page from Krells book, drinking potions during his match against Alachai. Were we able to identify what he used?

Dick One was a haste potion certainly, I’ve never seen anything move as fast as he did without such a potion. As for the first, we can’t be sure, probably some sort of attribute enhancement.

Tom And he was wielding a heavy flail this time I noticed as well, a step away from the greatsword everyone decided to choose early on.

Dick No less devastating a weapon however, #9 used that flail to full effect.

Tom This is how it went folks, #9 drank his first potion as soon as the gates closed, it was almost destroyed by Alachai’s first hail of stones.

Dick Alachai then retreated behind the pillar to his left, with no immediate threat #9 downed his second potion while running to the mid pillar on the same side.

Tom Alachai apparently didn’t see where #9 went. Jumping out from behind his pillar and finding nothing he darts across to his right side pillar.

Dick #9 was smart enough to keep an eye out, once Alachai was behind his new choice of hiding spot he closed the distance placing himself on the opposite side of the same pillar.

Tom At this point we did see the effects of #9’s haste potion, covering the distance between the pillars in a very short time indeed. The noise of his run unmistakable too, Alachai couldn’t have missed that #9 was coming his way.

Dick Indeed he did not, Tom, taking leave of his cover Alachai sprung out and cast another hail of stones as soon as he saw the warforged. Unfortunately this placed him in range of another of #9’s devastating charges.

Tom In almost sounded looked like he’d caved in the casters chest with that blow. #9 swung full force at the end of a charge and just buried the ball of the flail.

Dick Alachai just dropped, it seemed he was about to cast something, reached out to grab the warforged but failed. Instead he dropped to his knees and offered himself in defeat.

Tom #9 accepted the surrender, and with that he won his 3rd victory in a row, ranking him. But the night was not over, without rest he was to face the Whipping Boy.

Dick Now #9 had already taken some damage from the stones hurled at him by Alachai, and the potions used in his previous match would certainly have worn off, was he allowed any recovery before his next fight?

Tom I’m told he was given a healing potion for his wounds, but of course Warforged don’t take the healing properties nearly as well as more flesh and blood drinkers. The potion was practically given to him through the bars on his side of the arena while Alachai was escorted out and Whipping Boy was brought in. There was certainly doubt as to his ability to hold on to the rank he just earned.

Dick Now as we mentioned, it did seem that our boy here learned some new tricks as well, at one point during the fight his fists burst into flames for a short while did they not?

Tom That they did, I’ve only ever seen another gladiator burst into flames and that was Electra on the receiving end of Marcus’s spells, not intentionally on her part. Though she did use that to her advantage.

Dick Now before this fight, Whipping Boy certainly seemed to try avoiding the inevitable, this time he willingly approached #9 and bowed to his opponent. Has he finally accepted his fate within the arena?

Tom I’m not sure Dick, while he did approach willingly, he still motioned to try to calm the crowds. In either case, #9 returned the bow.

Dick People will do odd things in acceptance of their fate. Still, the fight was exciting, after taking stance, #9 charged in his usual manner.

Tom What was not usual about this was that the boy reacted by tripping the warforged and tossing it over his shoulder. Those warforged are not light, that was incredible!

Dick Whipping Boy allowed #9 to get back to his feet, and again both squared off before continuing their fight.

Tom #9’s flail was already shown to be devastating in the last fight, and it seemed the boy knew it well doing everything he could to avoid the blows. #9 swings, the boy dodges.

Dick The boy didn’t just dodge though, he came up swinging, and this was when his fists lit on fire.

Tom The warforged armor was too thick however, it didn’t seem that the boys blows did him any good.

Dick Not at first, another swing by #9, the boy evading, and then the boy stepped in and struck twice. His first blow was shrugged off again, but the second connected solidly.

Tom The step in was costly however as #9 finally lands a blow of his own, a square hit that left the boy gasping for breath, the flames on his fists dieing out as he recovers.

Dick Still the boy fought on, stepping in behind the extended arms of the warforged scoring another blow.

Tom they fought like this for the rest of their match, the boy hit a great many times, and certainly did a great deal of damage to the warforged. All the while trying to avoid #9’s heavy flail with only moderate success.

Dick #9 got another hit in shortly after his first, but it seemed he would not hit the boy again. Whipping boy whittled away at his opponent, and it seemed he just might win, till #9 got that last hit in.

Tom Whipping Boy was knocked to his back side, where he struggled, but did not rise again. It was actually rather valiant, and he did make the warforged earn his victory, the living Golem needed help leaving the arena.

Dick So there you have it folks, this weekends matches, two more wins for the warforged #9, one a ranking bout, he’s certainly earned his right to fight in the city league.

Tom Another loss for both our armored caster Alachai, and the Whipping Boy. Who knows what the arena will bring us next?

Fog Vs Oldosh

Dick Welcome back to The Recount where we present the latest gladiator matches for your entertainment. With me as always is Tom.

Tom Thank you Dick. We have a single fight this weekend for our viewers, Oldosh vs Fog. Oldosh is among the newest of our arena competitors, and it seems he is hot on Jack’s heels in competition.

Dick That he is, apparently he felt he had to live up to Jacks one hit victory over the shadow Fog, and had to prove he too was capable of taking down the ethereal enemy.

Tom As most well know, etherial creatures such as shadows are extremely difficult combatants precisely because they cannot be damaged through normal physical means. It takes magic, or magically enhanced weapons to be able to even hit such creatures,

Dick During Jacks bout with Fog, he opened by declaring himself a cleric of Victorix and blessed his blades before the audience by pouring holy water over his blades. It cost him however when Fog tried to interrupt the ceremony with a well placed arrow.

Tom Thats right Dick, and it was a lesson well remembered by Oldosh. As soon as he noticed that Fog was carrying his bow, Oldosh quickly darted behind the left pillar on his side of the arena.

Dick This gave Fog the advantage as he used the break in sight to hide above Oldosh. Moving to the same pillar on his side of the arena, he then carefully rose in the air well above the pillar, and then flew across the arena to stop literally above Oldosh.

Tom Fog took his time doing this, being careful to make sure he was not found by Oldosh as he got into position. While it worked in his favor, it also gave Oldosh time to prepare. We are not sure exactly what he did, but we are fairly certain that Oldosh was able to cast three times, finishing the third just as Fog moved into position above him.

Dick Fogs tactic worked, after Oldosh finished his casting, he peeked around the pillar to find his opponent. Realizing that Fog was nowhere in sight, he backed away from the pillar.

Tom No doubt he remembered Fogs first fight in which he attacked Harrow from within the pillar.

Dick It didn’t do him any good however, as he backed away Fog attacked from above surprising Oldosh with an arrow. Luckily for Oldosh it wasn’t another black fletched arrow, but it still struck true.

Tom Oldosh recovered from the first strike, and unable to attack Fog who was in the air, retreated to the far pillar. Out of sight again, this time Fog returns to the ground diving into the pillar below him. This also left his possessions behind.

Dick Looking out from behind his cover, and finding nothing, again Oldosh moves away from his pillar. When still nothing happens, he then moves to the center of the arena and taunts Fog to attack him.

Tom Sure enough Fog attacks, charging out of the ground at Oldoshs’ feet. With but a touch the shadow clearly drains Oldoshs’ strength.

Dick Its not enough though, now in Oldoshs’ reach, the human swings passing his bastard sword cleanly through the shadows ethereal form. Like Jack before him, a single blow was apparently enough to down the shadow, and Oldosh stood victorious over Fog.

Tom That gives Oldosh his first Victory toward rank, having lost a match previous. His record now stands at two wins and two losses. And Fog now stands at one win and two losses, his spectacular opening and the fear it inspired completely forgotten.

and with that last comment I’d like to repeat that Fogs advantage, while powerful, if overcome is the only challenge to defeating him. Of course, if you can’t overcome it…

Dick Thanks again for tuning in, this has been The Recount, I’m Dick

Tom And I’m Tom, join us again for the latest arena coverage.

Recount 3/1 part 2

Dick Welcome back, as mentioned this weeks fights introduces yet more gladiators to the ring. Alachai, Oldosh, and The Whipping Boy.

Tom All human, The Whipping boy and Alachai fought first. The Whipping Boy looks like a whipping boy, he’s covered in welts and scars, and nicely enough his owner has seen fit to allow him to wear a burlap sack. He didn’t even enter the arena with the typical gladius and buckler.

Dick Yea, this was starting to look like a slaughter for him, his opponent Alachai entered the arena wearing leather armor, a light shield, and a morning star. The guy was also wearing white with Victorix’s symbol on his chest. We may have another cleric here.

Tom Oddly enough, it was the whipping boy who sat down to pray, while Alachai worked the crowds. When Alachai notices that his opponent is seemingly unwilling to join in, he reveals himself as a caster by casting a magic missile at the whipping boy.

Dick Unable to avoid the magic missile, the Whipping boy stands up and charges Alachai unarmed. At this point I’m thinking the Whipping boy is a monk, he moves easily and surely, and his unarmed blows stagger Alachai. During his charge Alachai was able to get another missile off.

Tom Alachai steps back to prevent interruption at the monks hands, and fires another Magic missile. Thats three missiles that the monk has taken, and its starting to show. The monk, in an effort to defend himself joins Alachai in arms range and trips the caster.

Dick This is generally not a good position for a caster to be in, but Alachai presses the attack while prone, and casts yet another Magic Missile before getting back to his feet.

Tom Still in arms range of the monk, Whipping Boy launches into a flurry of blows forcing Alachai to hide behind his shield. Alachai attempts to hit the monk with a frost Ray at this point, but it passes over the monks shoulders.

Dick The monk steps in under Alachai’s casting and delivers a final blow inside the casters defenses, and Alachai goes down. It was a very close match, having moved so swiftly during his initial charge, the monk needs assistance leaving the arena.

Tom Its interesting to note that Alachai is wearing Victorix’s symbol. And while he is casting and wearing armor, a trait shared by most clerics, he was using primarily Magic Missile, which is not often cast by the faithful, but by students of the Arcane.

Dick Yet students of the arcane rarely wear armor as it interfers with their ability to cast. Alachai did not seem to have any troubles from his leather armor and his shield. Is it possible that we have a rare warmage in our arena?

Tom Now for his bloodmatch, Oldosh faces the loser of the previous match, Alachai. Like Alachai, Oldosh had traded in his buckler and gladius, instead wearing Hide leather and wielding a battleaxe.

as with previous blood matches, I allowed Alachai to refresh and heal without cost, considering the next match on a following day. Most of our fights this week were cosidered as such since each time someone was walking in fresh and facing someone who would otherwise have already fought.

Dick Like Jack, both of these combatants turn to the crowd looking for support, all the while they approach each other. Alachai makes the first move casting Magic Missle at Oldosh, before moving to the corner of the pillar to his right.

Tom Oldosh accepts the blow and charges Alachai attempting to interrupt another spell that Alachai is already casting. He strikes true breaking the casters motions and preventing another spell from being cast.

Dick Alachai, having already lost the spell he intended to cast, backs away and runs around the pillar to escape Oldosh. Oldosh gives chase and strikes Alachai, taking him down with a second blow.

Tom Alachai has faced two hand to hand opponents now, and like our other caster Marcus he has failed to claim victory. Oldosh on the other hand claims victory in two hits, however they are two hits against a caster, impressive only in that it took a monk more hits to also down the same caster.

now having given Alachai a free recovery, it was only fair that I also give WB a free recovery. However, the next fight was Oldosh vs WB, and with WB freely refreshed, it was only fair that Oldosh be freely recovered, and Alachai Freely recovered. This snowballed, so all the fights were on free recovery.

Dick Now our next fight was Oldosh vs The Whipping Boy, both of them victorious over Alachai. It was time to see how they’d do against each other.

Tom Oldosh spent his winnings upgrading his armor, he entered the arena wearing a chain shirt and wielding a bastard sword. The monk on the other hand was still wearing the burlap sack.

Dick As per their last fights, the monk sat down in prayer, and Oldosh appealed to the crowds. Oldosh walked toward the monk the whole while. Once he was close enough Oldosh charged the monk.

Tom Now these two were experienced fighters, they danced for a short while never breaking combat. The monk circled around getting Oldosh’s back to the gate in which he entered.

Dick It is interesting to note that the Monks blows were particularly emphasized, it seemed like there were sparks…

Tom It was hard to see, some mentioned it, but not many. Either way as the two fought, Oldosh seemed to slow down and stagger as if he was drunk. Their dance lasted for a short time, and finally Oldosh dropped to the floor no longer able to stand.

Dick The monk held his arms wide, refusing to help Oldosh back up. But for some reason it didn’t stop Oldosh from slapping him on the back and congratulating the Monk on his win. Oldosh had to be helped off the arena floor.

Tom Now The Whipping Boy, having defeated two opponents was sitting at one win from ranking, his next fight would be against Azir Tahl who had a win and a loss under his belt.

Dick This would be an interesting fight, the disciplined monk vs a disciplined swordsman…. err, swordself? I wonder, is this the elven blade dancer style that he uses?

Tom I dont’ think so Dick, I doubt the Elves even allow its secrets to be taught here. Though that would be pretty spectacular if it were so, we would have to ask for a demonstration if so.

Dick So the two combatants enter the arena, and as always the Monk sits down and begins praying. Rallying the crowds Tahl drinks a potion before he approaches the Monk and cries “Lets get this over with.”

Tom There was some discussion between the two of them, not sure what was said, but the two combatants seemed to come to an agreement before taking stance. The monk opened the fight with a ferocious flurry of blows.

Dick Tahl holds his own though. Like the previous match between the monk and Oldosh, the two combatants don’t break arms range as they fight. At one point Tahl flourishes his blade in such a way that it seems to catch fire, after another few blows between the two he falls back into a different stance and then jumps and comes down with an over-head chop that downs the Monk.

Tom Their fight was very close, and while there wasn’t a lot of movement, the speed and almost choreography of the match was beautiful to behold, the crowd held silent while they sparred, and didn’t start cheering until after the Monk was down for a few seconds. Tahl then helps the monk up, they share a few words and then exit the arena on good terms.

Dick Tahl had good reason to be on good terms, this match gave him two wins in a row, another and he’ll rank to join Krell, who is apparently not very fond of his fellow elf.

Tom The next fight would be between Oldosh and Azir Tahl. With two wins previous this was a potential ranking fight for Tahl.

Dick Oldosh approached Tahl at a walking pace as he raised his arms and appealed to the crowd. Tahl instead readied himself for the attack that was coming.

Tom Once Oldosh reached the mid point of the arena, he charged Tahl. Tahl, having prepared himself, attempted to trip Oldosh once in range.

Dick While he failed attempting to trip Oldosh, he did succeed in throwing off Oldoshes attack. His bastard sword went wild. Tahl stepped to the side attempting to circle Oldosh as he attacked.

Tom Swords were joined, parried, dodged, and blooded. Oldosh attempted to keep Tahl from circling by moving down the arena in the same direction.

Dick It was over pretty quickly though, Oldosh didn’t get any significant hits, but with a flourish that set his blade on fire Tahl sruck hard at Oldosh. With but a few strong blows Oldosh was down.

Tom Tahl won his 3rd straight match, which allows him to join Krell at the city level. And with Krells previous remarks concerning Azir Tahl, they will finally be able to bring their enmity to the arena.

Dick Our final fight this week was between The Jack and Alachai. This could potentially be Jacks 3rd win in a row, we might have a third qualifier in the City Arena. And considering the losses suffered by Alachai, its looking pretty good for Jack.

Tom Jack and Alachai both set the fight to the crowd early on. They had moderate success, The Jack tossed one of his daggers into the pillar at his right, and declared that his blades would as easily sink into Alachai’s skull.

Dick That is an odd comparison, considering it didn’t slide so far into the pillar, usually people say something about hot knives and butter don’t they?

Tom If anyone would know it’d be you, Dick.

Dick The two combatants made their way toward each other, Alachai opening first with one of his spells again. The Jack takes the hit and runs to the left mid pillar to get out of line of sight.

Tom Alachai tries to keep his distance while getting a visual on Jack, he circles wide coming close to the right middle pillar.

Dick Once in sight, Jack charges him hoping to get there first. His blades deflect off the shield Alachai brings between them.

Tom Alachai falls into his familiar routine, backs our of range of the blades and casts. Jack presses the attack by moving in and swinging.

Dick They moved about the arena in that mannor, Jack chasing the retreating and casting Alachai. All the while Alachai keeps his shield up and does his best to deflect Jacks blows while keeping up a barrage of his magic missiles.

Tom Their fight continues in this way for quite a while, I think I counted five magic missiles, and they took their toll on Jack. He eventually fell to the barrage, quite unexpectedly. I think this is the first caster win we’ve seen.

Dick It is Tom, Marcus’s only win was a group match, which doesn’t count toward his personal wins.

The Jacks loss in the case was quite heavily influenced by his rolls. His die were not cooperating, I don’t think he rolled above a 10 on any of his attacks. The night was long, and we had a number of fights for me to record, which I failed at come the last few fights. If I’ve left any important details out that anyone feels needs be mentioned let me know I’ll try and edit them in.

Tom So after two fights tonight, Azir Tahl has raised in rank to be able to compete at the City level.

Dick Alachai and Oldosh both have one win and two losses, Alachai’s last fight a win, and Oldosh’s last fight a loss.

Tom The Jack has two wins and two losses, his latest a loss. He’ll have to make up two wins before he can try for City rank again.

Dick And finally The Whipping Boy who has two wins and his third game a loss.

Tom Thanks again for joining us for The Recount, where we bring you the lastest if delayed fights.

So 9 and Shep are still both at 2 wins and on the verge of ranking. Electra and Oldosh are both sitting at 1 win and two losses, it might be nice getting those two together. Alachai and Marcus both being casters might be fun to get together. If any of these players like the matches that I have suggested please let me know, I’ll try and get ahold of them myself as well.

And of course as always, if anyone would like to make a challage of their own, you can do so here or let me know. I can pass challenges on to whoever needs to receive them.

Recount 3/1

Tom Welcome back to The Recount, I’m Tom and this is Dick with the latest from the Arena.

Dick Its been a busy couple of weeks in the arena (I do apologize that I haven’t recounted the previous weeks matches) and we’ve a number of fights for your viewing pleasure.

Tom Thats right Dick, and as always, what amazing matches they were. The Jack challenged Fog, the shade; Harrow challenged Krell, a rank above him, and we introduced some new gladiators to the arena.

Dick Alachai, Oldosh, and another known as The Whipping Boy. All human inductees, and while the first two seem to be professional gladiators, this whipping boy looks as his title describes.

Tom So lets get to the previous weeks matches, particularly the match between Jack and Fog.

Dick This match was highly anticipated, Fogs appearance in the arena has been quite contraversial. Many expressed unease that such a creature was allowed in the arena, and Jack used that chance to offer a challenge the Fog was all too happy to accept.

Tom There was no doubt in anyones mind that Jack had something up his sleeve, but few could have expected what this knife juggler threw our way.

Dick Thats right, when they entered the arena, Jack addressed everyone and announced himself as a follower of Victorix, our very own God of Arenas, and declared that with Victorix’s blessing he would put the shadow in its place.

Tom and with that he apparently poured holy water over his blades, blessing them in Victorix’s name. What an increadible turn of events, who would have thought Jack would be a cleric of Victorix?

Dick Jack has been the most willing to work the crowds, and his willingness to challenge a shade shows a certain bravery when even the spectators shrank from its sight. We might be blessed with the real thing here.

Tom Jack wasn’t the only one with a surpise up his sleeve, Fog entered the arena with a bow and quiver. As Jack is praying, Fog draws a black fletched arrow and fires it at Jack.

Dick Now the reason we mention this is that of all the arrows in the quiver, it was the only one with black fletchings, the common markers of bane arrows.

Tom Considering how pale Jacks face went when he got hit by the arrow, I’m thinking your right. Fog didn’t pull any stops, those arrows are not cheap. Quite honestly I’m surprised Jack survived such an arrow.

Dick Jack didn’t just survive, he finished his casting. Then dives behind the pillar to his right.

Tom Having fired the one arrow he apparently intended too, Fog drops his bow, and advances down toward Jacks end of the arena.

Dick Jack sees that Fog is approaching without the bow, and steps out to approach and meet Fog. But Fog takes the advantage of his incorporeality and literally dives below the arena floor, leaving what equipment he had on the floor behind him.

Tom Jack prepares himself for the obvious attack, but when Fog rises from the floor he is still able to get a hit in with his freezing touch. There’s only so much you can prepare for, and by this point Jack is not looking good.

Dick A hit from a bane arrow, and the freezing touch from a shadow that drains his strength, things were not looking good for Jack. However, now withing arms range of each other, Jack is able to bring his blessed blades to bare. The two dance, swinging but failing to strike each other.

Tom Fog apparently decides his freezing touch won’t work fast enough, and breaks combat to rush back to the equipment he left behind. Jack takes the advantage to charge Fog, his blades finally connect proving their magical blessing, and with a single hit Fog is down!

Dick What a match, both of these combatants entered the arena but a short time ago. Fog, being a shadow, immediately built a reputation and Jack’s style and crowd working had made him well liked, but with this victory Jack has solidified himself as a master of the gladiator arena.

Tom Whats more, this makes for two wins in a row for Jack, one more and he’ll join Krell at the city level. With a win like that, and Victorix’s blessing, It won’t be long in coming.

Dick Now our second fight was also pretty spectacular. Harrow who had lost two games thus far challenged Krell, our reigning champion and only undefeated Gladiator. A brave move on his part, but just looking at both their records everything was in Krells favor.

Tom It wasn’t so clean cut however. Harrow had apparently been training, he’s picked up a bow and some new moves. When they faced each other from across the floor, Harrow darts forward and fires a shot from his bow and striking Krell fairly seriously.

Dick Krell, as he has done so many times in the past, pulls out a potion and drinks it down while Harrow dives out of sight. Krell then charges down the arena floor toward Harrow, taunting him the whole time.

Tom Now unlike Krells previous two potions that he has used, one went unidentified as it had no visible effect. The other was a growth potion with obvious effect. This potion was no growth potion, but it does have a visible effect showing that he has changed his preferred choices.

Dick Thats right Tom, this potion blurs him, making Krell harder to hit. Its no wonder Krell hasn’t hid behind the pillars as Jack had done.

Tom Now Harrow hiding behind the pillar doesn’t see what Krell has done, so when he jumps out to fire another shot as before, his shot passes harmlessly through the blured Krell.

Dick Krell now having a visible and accessible target, charges striking a fairly serious blow of his own. With a single hit Harrow is already looking in bad shape. But he does survive to dive behind the opposite pillar on his side of the arena.

Tom He doesn’t just dive behind, when Krell follows he fails to see where Harrow has gone. Harrow takes the advantage to jump out into sight and fire another shot at the much closer Krell. This time the blur effect doesn’t help and Krell takes another hit from Harrows bow. Both opponents at this point are looking ready to drop.

Dick Unfortunately Harrow had jumped out adjacent to Krell, a step and a sweep of his greatsword and Harrow drops. The fight goes to Krell as expected, but Harrows loss was well earned by Krell. Two shots from Harrows bow and Krell doesn’t look steady. Krell holds his thumb out horizontal to the crowd allowing them to determine Harrows fate.

Tom This is most unusual, but it works in Harrows favor as the crowd is amazed at how he has picked up his game. They cheer in Harrows favor and Krells thumb raises. He then limps off the arena floor, an attendant under each arm. Harrow has proven himself with this fight, even at a loss.

Dick So as of last week, that placed Jack at one loss and two wins, a third win in a row and he’ll join Krell at the city level. Harrow has lost 3 matches now, his loss at Krells hands not unexpected but very nearly a win. A single match for each of these gladiators and they have made names for themselves. These are the guys to beat.

Tom We’ll return shortly to recount this weekends fights, but first a message from our sponsers.

These two fights took place last week, and I just hadn’t recounted them. I’ll finish this post here for this reason, and recount this weeks fights here in a moment.

Recount 1/26

Dick Welcome back to the Recount, I’m Dick and this is Tom, with the latest from the arena.

Tom Thank you Dick, and what a batch of gladiators we meet this week. Blood matches for six new gladiators, two humans, another Elf, an Orc, a trained Badger, and even more strangely what appears to be a shadow!

Dick It was exciting Tom, some incredible match ups, and some promising gladiators. We’ll break it all down for you here in a moment folks, but first a word from our sponsors…

Now we’re starting to get into the more weird gladiators that I was hoping to attract. Things are not always going to be fair for the first rank gladiators. In many ways that reflects reality, as often as not gladiator matches were pitted purely for the enjoyment of watching one opponent simply tear another apart. Placing an unarmed man against a lion for instance. Theres nothing fair about it, the enjoyment is simply watching the beast kill. With that in mind, the shadow as a gladiator will progress quickly through the ranks, just as I expect casters to progress slowly. But there will come a time when things balance out, and its quick ascent will be its downfall. For anyone who knows what a shadow is and how to deal with it… its not hard to figure out what a well made opponent might do to the shadow. And its nature cannot be as well hidden as many of the other gladiators. That said, the savage species allowed rules that made for a CR 1 shadow, who’s only advantage is currently the advantage that makes it so nasty an opponent. Find a way around that advantage and he’ll fall apart.

I know its not much comfort to its victims, but please remember this is a game, and take comfort in the fact that a loss is far more likely to level you up. Also, save your money, you too can buy a shadow, or whatever else you can afford, including something that can deal with a shadow with faith alone.

Tom Welcome back to the Recount, our first match was between Azir Tahl, another tall elf like our reigning champion Krell, and the badger Shep.

Dick A Badger? Really Tom? Someone actually trained an animal to take part in the main gladiator fights? I could understand a beast match, but even then they are usually pitted against lions or tigers or something, but a trained badger?

Tom Get over it Dick, badgers have a reputation for a nasty attitude, and no doubt that was the aim by its trainer. And it paid off, Shep almost won this fight without being struck. And when it was struck… I’ve never heard as vicious a noise as what came from its small form.

Dick True enough, it let out a scream and proceeded to tear Tahl down. A little fuzzball of fury that Shep is. I’m curious to see how well it’ll do in the coming matches. As for the Elf, how’d he do?

Tom Tahl held his own, wisely enough he took the threat seriously.

Dick He is an elf, I’m not so sure a human would’ve done the same.

Tom Not likely. Even so, he had a match to fight, Tahl tried to spook the beast at first, with moderate success it looked like. Allowed him to draw blood, but well… our furious fuzzball taught him a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Dick The next blood match was another beast fight, or was it a monster fight?

Tom Definitely a monster fight, I don’t think a Shadow could rightly be called a beast.

Dick I believe his name is Fog, and he pissed off another owner.

Tom Someone had to draw the short straw, and Harrow was the lucky one. Now Harrow is a human, and he traded in his buckler for some patch armor for his first fight.

Dick Not that it did very good, the shadow, Fog, drew Harrow toward it by hiding in a pillar. Once Harrow drew close, Fog sapped away his strength. Harrow was swinging madly, his blade simply passing through the shadow.

Tom Nasty things. I’ll be happy when it moves on to the city arena, or even the county arena. Anywhere but here.

Dick Moving on, our 5th new gladiator’s name is Jack. And apparently this Jack knows how to work the crowds.

Tom That he does, he already got the crowd cheering him on: Jack of Blades if I remember correctly.

Dick His owner helped the hype, pitting him against another already blooded gladiator for his first match. And of all the gladiators there, he went after Shep, the Badger.

Tom Any other gladiator could have tried to rouse the crowds for themselves, but not a badger. That was a pretty tricky move on his part.

Dick Especially after he lost to the badger, Shep made quick work of him and he didn’t even get a hit in.

Tom Didn’t stop him though, he came right back for a match against Harrow, and the crowd remembered him and his chant.

Dick What a turnaround match though, Jack went from losing without drawing blood to winning without blood drawn.

Tom They approached slowly each, suddenly Harrow charges Jack.

Dick And Jack pulls out a dagger and throws it at Harrow catching him in the shoulder. It threw off Harrow’s first swing allowing Jack a clear swipe across his chest. I don’t think I’ve seen so decisive a match as that.

Tom One has to wonder how fair the match was. Harrow’s owner probably didn’t have much with which to heal him from the encounter with Fog. The whispers that were visited upon Electra after her second match will likely surround Harrow. I look forward to a cleaner match when I can see how well he’ll perform.

Dick That left our last match, and our last blooding. An Orc was brought into the arena by the name of Uktar. Did I pronounce that right?

Tom How should I know? You could probably grunt and get it right. In any case, they brought the Elf Tahl back for the Orcs blooding.

Dick I don’t know if it was out of respect or confidence, but the Elf now sporting new equipment took off his chain shirt and fought sword alone.

Tom Whatever his motives, I’m not sure the Orc was very pleased, if not outright insulted. Tahl was honorable enough, but the loss at his hands has got to be eating away at Uktar. Those Orcs are savage, practically beastly, perfect for the arena. I’ll look forward to their next meeting.

Dick So that puts us at two losses for Harrow, one loss for Uktar…

Tom A loss and a win each for Jack and Shep, one win for Fog…

Dick And finally two wins in a row for Azir Tahl. That means the elf will join the warforged in being one win from moving on to the City Arena.

Tom So lets put it all in numbers. With only one fight each, Uktar and Fog might be a natural pairing.

Concerning the special circumstances with Fog, I’ll not force anyone to fight against him, but if they’d like some free experience, here’s your chance.

Dick Azir Tahl, Jack, Shep, and Harrow all have two fights under their belts. They’ll likely be pooled together to see if and how they might want to challenge each other. The other option would be to draw straws.

Tom That leaves Electra, Marcus, and #9 from the previous week at three matches each. Once the others have a third fight under their belt, they will likely join the pool here.

Dick This has been your arena Recount, thanks again for joining us.

Tom and Dick Recount Jan 18th 09

Tom: We had some incredible fights at the local arena today, didn’t we Dick?

Dick: We sure did Tom, two new gladiators joined the arena, each bringing their own brand of gladiator superiority.

Tom: Both gladiators were blooded a couple of days ago against each other were they not?

Dick: That they were Tom, their fight was even closer than the one we witnessed between the elf, Krell, and the warforged, Number 9.

Tom: Our first new gladiator is a human named Marcus. And while he has not done so well yet on the individual level, he did bring some powerful help during the group match up. He is apparently a caster of sorts, thus far he’s made strong use of fire.

Dick: Our other new gladiator is a female half-elf named Electra. She proved quite fearless when facing down Marcus, ignoring the flames that Marcus set to her and actually grappling with Marcus to set him to his own flames!

Tom: That was some incredible fighting on her part, its the rare fighter that is able to use their opponents magic to their benefit. I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll bring to the arena.

Dick: Both fighters collapsed during their inaugural fight didn’t they?

Tom: That they did Dick, both on fire, Electra was pressing Marcus and ignoring that she was on fire. Marcus so pressed was not given the chance to put his flames out either. It proved to be both their undoing, and while Marcus did indeed drop first to Electra’s gladius, Electra dropped shortly after from her own wounds received.

Dick: What an amazing opening fight! I’d hate to have been the one to clean either of them up, those wounds would not have been pretty.

While all these fights took place on the same real day, I did allow Val and Marcus to completely rest up before they fought Krell and Number 9. So in the recap I am expressing this as having taken place on separate in game days. Once they all had one fight under their belts, I enforced that the rest of the fights would be same day. What this means is that they would not be allowed to heal between fights unless they spent their money buying healing. Losing Gladiators not only had fewer gold with which to work, they required spending more to heal up. This is of course by their own choice, if they don’t wish to spend their gold on healing, they simply won’t be able to fight again the same day.

That said, I hope all gladiators didn’t spend their gold to heal at the end of the night.

Tom: So what was the line up then today? All four gladiators were brought together after their initial bouts. Who fought who?

Dick: Number 9 and Marcus had both lost their initial bouts, so they were paired off first. Afterward Electra and Krell paired off. Number 9 and Electra would then be paired just to see how they’d do, and finally Krell and Marcus. This would give everyone the chance to have faced each other once.

Tom: The combatants had also used their winnings from their first matches to improve the equipment they used. It seems this years favored weapon is the great sword. A powerful weapon to be sure, only Marcus did not opt to purchase a sword.

Dick: As would be expected of a caster.

Tom: Certainly Dick. But he did make some purchases of his own, it seems this caster is not unaccustomed to armor.

Dick: Now that is a rare site to see, most casters seem to be inhibited by armor, and they don’t use it lightly. There is more to Marcus than at first apparent, I’m curious what we’ll see of this particular gladiator. Now our previous winners also bought chain armor, which is a crying shame, despite the burns received, Electra is a fine looking female.

Tom: You’ll get no argument from me there.

If you think a burning chick wearing only a loincloth went without joke, you don’t know gamers very well

Dick: So our first match between Number 9 and Marcus, how did that turn out?

Tom: Short, very short, Dick. Number 9 used his new and very fine great sword to almost deadly effect, in but two swings Marcus was down. Marcus was only able to get a single spell off against the warforged before he fell, and to his dismay apparently Number 9 is fireproof. At least more so than Val was a few days ago.

Dick: Thats too bad for Marcus, its two losses in a row. But apparently he did win enough to heal up and continue fighting. For such a short fight I’m amazed the crowd reacted so well.

Tom: From what I hear, Number 9 was the favored, and money was riding on this fight.

Dick: Ahh money, the great crowd pleaser.

Tom: Our next fight was the battle of the two elves, and previous champions. How did that turn out?

Dick: A spectacular fight. Both came out strong. Krell’s tall, taller than humans, (he’s actually decided to use the Pathfinder Elf description, which like Tolkeen, descrbes Elves as being tall) and he towered over Electra. Electra on the other hand seemed more accustom to using her great sword. It was anyone’s guess who might walk away with victory.

Tom: Something happened during the fight though, Krells opening attack was not with blade, but with fist it seemed.

Dick: Thats right Tom, but he didn’t strike Electra. It appears that Krell might be a caster as well. We are not sure exactly what he did, but within moments Electra went from looking ready to take on a minotaur to fighting back some sort of illness. In any case, the fearlessness she showed against Marcus fled her, and she spent the fight against Krell on the defensive. It didn’t last and Krell was declared victor as he struck her down.

Tom: Thats too bad for Electra. But it meant that Krell had won two matches in a row. A third win on his part and he’ll be considered good enough to go on as an attraction at the main arena. Now Electra was set to fight again next against the warforged, Number 9. Did the events of this fight affect her next?

Dick: It certainly seems to have, her healers attended her between matches. They were able to bind her wounds received, but it appears their was noone who could look in to her mysterious malady. Whispers are her fight against Number 9 was tainted.

Tom: Whispers being only what they were, Electra came out swinging strong against the warforged. Blows were traded, the crowds cheered. After a few blows with 9 though, Electra backed off and tried to use potions to heal her wounds. 9 was apparently in range, and after chasing her around one of the pillars, he threw down his great sword and grabbed the half-elf.

Dick: And did he?! The crowds went crazy as the warforged crushed his opponent in his arms, and then proceeded to slam her bodily against the pillar. The small elf did not last under that beating. Oddly enough though, the warforged gingerly set her unconscious body on the ground before grabbing his great sword and walking away.

Tom: Say what you will about warforged, this one is a hell of a sportsman.

Dick: Thats right Tom, and not just in this match. They meet up afterward and teamed up to challenge Krell and Marcus together.

Tom: They sure did, but the announcement didn’t come until after Krell and Marcus fought.

Dick: And how did Krell and Marcus’s bout go?

Tom: Marcus came prepared for his bout this time. He opened the fight using a scroll that apparently turned his fists to stone. After going a few blows against the elf, the elf backed off. However, the elf was not without his own preparations. Krell used his winnings to purchase a couple of potions. We’re not sure what the first one did, but the second was obviously a growth potion.

Dick: Oh yea, you cant hide the effects of a potion of growth.

Tom: Krell had hid behind one of the pillars, no doubt to avoid any interruption from the caster. After downing the two potions, he stepped out a giant. Marcus had approached the pillar, only to find a giant as his opponent. The giant Krell got a few good swings in, the first devastating enough, but the second nearly cleaved Marcus in two.

Dick: The crowds were in an uproar, its not often we see giant fights at the local level. That was a real treat for them. And with three wins in a row, Krell has solidified his eligibility to move on to the city league. This is one gladiator that has more than proven his resourcefulness, and he’ll carry on our local arenas name with pride.

Tom: Whats more, this was when the announcement was made that 9 and Electra was issuing a challenge to Krell offering him Marcus as his teammate. If anything, this packed our little local arena. Entertainment like this is a rare commodity. Both teams were allowed a short time to prepare. During this time arena officials were consulted. It was decided that with Krell having raised in rank, this fight would be handled as a city level fight. The excitement was tangible and static, these gladiators were making heros of themselves.

My ideas for this game were still new in forming, the current rules do not match what was decided for this match.

Dick: So coming in to this fight, we had two rank one gladiators facing off against a rank two gladiator, paired with the caster Marcus who had yet to win a fight. How was Electra feeling after the reprieve?

Tom: To stress, we dont’ know what, if anything, Krell had inflicted Electra with. She had looked strong during her bout with 9, and its only whispers that persisted of her still under the effects of Krells attack. She entered the arena as strong as ever, and certainly looked to desire some revenge against the taller elf.

Dick: And 9 who had blooded himself against Krell, and also lost. That was his only loss previous, was he also looking for some comeback?

Tom: Oh undoubtedly. These gladiators, here by desire or by design, live and die by their reputations. A loss is a greater injury than a sword strike. Of course, by challenging Krell as a team, 9 and Electra were basically admitting that they could not take him alone.

Dick: Now Krell agreed to take as his partner the caster Marcus. The only gladiator to not have won a match yet. Did Krell see some value to the caster? or was he simply confident that he didn’t need any help?

Tom: Theres always value to having a partner, even if that value is providing the opponents someone else to pay attention to while you attack unopposed. But having been given the opportunity to consult with each other before the match, its likely the pair found some common ground to work with.

Dick: By the time they entered the arena floor, everyone was looking strong, and the fire was in their eyes.

Tom: It should be noted that Number 9 brought with him a newly purchased compound bow. No doubt looking for an advantage at range. Though he has proven quick on his feet, often opening his fights with charges. I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish.

Dick: It was also noted that Krell had with him a couple of potions again. That aside, once Krell and Marcus recognized that 9 had a ranged weapon, both retreated behind the pillars at their end of the arena. From here Krell quickly downed the two potions he had. As before one was a growth potion, and we are still not sure what else the other potion was, no doubt also a repeat.

Tom: With 9 threatening the whole arena floor, and both of their opponents hiding behind pillars, it was Electra who charged across the floor. Likely intending to draw Krell or Marcus out into the open where 9 could take aim.

Dick: Didn’t work out so well for her though, Marcus was not idle as he hid. Instead he drew up a wall of fog that obscured their end of the arena. Placing that fog directly over where Electra stood, it apparently had more of an effect than to simply obscure their positions. Electra emerged retching, and she emerged on their side of the wall.

Tom: Krell was quick to react, charging and attacking the vulnerable half-elf. 9 at the far end of the field, and unable to draw a clear shot through the fog, trades out his bow for his great sword and charged into the fog to aid his partner.

Dick: Marcus, the only combatant left at range returned to using his familiar fire bolts, sending them Electras way as she’s fighting off Krell’s aggression. This time they don’t set her on fire, but she’s not in good shape or position. What does she do? Again she uses the casters spells against her opponents! She took a deep breath and dove back through the wall of fog, this time emerging on the far side without ill effect, and removing herself from their direct assault.

Tom: of course, this now leaves 9 to the mercy of both opponents. He was unaffected by the nauseous fog, which isn’t surprising as he’s a warforged. Showing the same strength he’s shown in every fight, he brought his great sword to bear against the now giant Krell.

Dick: A growth potion does indeed strengthen its imbiber, but it doesn’t grant any durability. So while Krell can hit harder, he’s still just as weak as before, and can’t take a blow like a real giant could. Not to mention that with a larger profile, he’s easier to hit.

Tom: Absolutely Dick, and I’m sure 9 took full advantage of that fact. He dove in hard and strong, no doubt trying to take Krell down as fast as he could.

Dick: Didn’t do him any good though. With Electra temporarily retreated, Krell was not under any more pressure than usual. He turned around and crushed 9 with but a few blows.

Tom: Meanwhile Marcus comes around the far end of the pillar to continue attacking Electra. She had drawn a couple of healing potions while she was out of threat, but her rest was not long enough. Marcus opened up with his firebolts.

Dick: Electra charges Marcus in an attempt to take him out of the fight. Krell who had just dropped 9 charges Electra. Marcus survives, Electra does not.

Tom: And I think I saw a sigh escape from Marcus’s lips, he had not done well against his opponents till now.

Dick: What an incredible night! The individual matches were all spectacular, most of them very close matches. And the team battle at the end was just a treat for everyone. Marcus proved himself to be a worthy partner. If not for his actions that fight would not have been so tag team.

Tom: This is a night to remember. Number 9 is on the verge of gaining rank 2, one more win is all he needs and he’ll join Krell in the city arena. Those two are developing quite the grudge. Their next match against each other will be one for the bards, and every match there after.

Dick: Electra has shown herself to be an adept opponent for casters. I’m looking forward to her next match against Marcus or any other caster if another shows up. They are a very rare breed of gladiator. If she can develop her skill against the regular weapon wielding gladiators, she’ll be a force to fear.

Tom: And Marcus, against the other gladiators individually really showed how weak casters are physically. But his spells proved a powerful ally for Krell in the group fight, splitting up and isolating their opponents. Any team he is on will be favored, and if he can master handling opponents individually he’ll rise to the city arena in no time flat.

Dick: Yea, Krell has not left behind his sparring partners by any means. These guys, and gal, will be hot on his heals, joining him to compete at the city level in no time. Meanwhile, he may find that he’s a big fish in a small pool, we’ll have to see how the city arena treats him.

Tom: I’m looking forward to what other gladiators might join as well. I hear some new blood might be brought in to our local arena soon. The excitement of tonight has definitely attracted the attention of other owners who’d like to get in on a bigger scene.

Dick: I don’t think I’m alone in saying “I can’t wait.” Thanks again everyone for listening in. This has been Dick and Tom recounting the latest arena matches. Sponsored by The Dungeon Crew “You empty it of hostiles, we’ll pay you to be allowed to empty it of goods! Earn gold on all that junk that you can’t carry back alone, Market pricing at no additional cost to you, and 10% greater pricing if you open a special banking account with us!” Thanks again all, and have a good night.

Two enter, one limps out

Early in the day the arena had yet to fill, it was not the grand arena, but a side arena for local games and trainer usage. Those in attendance were early comers who could either afford to not be working elsewhere, those who had no job to keep them from the arena, and lastly those who were desperate to make even a measly living selling their wares to those who had little or no money to offer. Its stone bleachers were bare more than they were filled, and half those in attendance were asleep, drunk, or both. That left the rare few who were here with purpose. Gladiator owners and traders looking for new blood, and those who were more thrilled to see first blood. The arena was not in full swing, but it was still in swing.

The fights today would be fast and without flare, these were inexperienced fighters mostly though the rare fighter did exist who was trained and potentially here of their own volition. The vast majority were young, born to slavery, or enslaved as punishment for some crime.

Certainly not the first fight of the day, this next fight was still early. It promised to be interesting however when the combatants entered the sand floor. A tan skinned elf from far away lands raised some eyebrows. Most slaves were human, orc, or goblin, the fairer races generally avoiding such a fate. His slender build a sharp contrast to most gladiators, including his opponent.

At the other side of the arena a most peculiar opponent stood still as a statue. Its body a mass of reeds bound by metal in a strongly built humanoid shape. Despite the oddity of the elf, whispers abound concerning this strange automaton called a warforged. Built to be soldiers and fighters, these reputadly intelligent golems were said to be tireless fighters. Their expense however limited them from being used as gladiator sport, remaining a rare and unexpected pleasure in the arena circuit.

Both combatants were armed only with gladius and buckler, the traditional gladiator uniform. Only the elf wore anything more, a simple loincloth. Though their was little attention to be had, these two rare combatants certainly earned it. Turning toward the traditional location of the lords box the two combatants bowed crying “We who are about to die, Salute you!” There was no special reason to do this, but failure would mean instant death. Structure was important in keeping such powerful and potentially well armed slaves in line.

Turning to face each other again, they saluted each other and the call was made: “Fight!”

Though recently animate, the warforged seemed to turn back into a statue, becoming ridged and still. The elf on the other hand advanced slowly, crossing almost half the stadium floor before stopping. The elf then proceeds to gesticulate in what appears to be elven magic, causing the warforged to spring in anticipation of the unknown. Its sudden charge taking many by surprise, the warforged clears the distance between the to combatants in the blink of an eye.

The elf smiles, and throws his gladius hand out in the Warforged’s direction, though what this was meant to accomplish no one discovers because without hesitation the warforged completes its charge and takes a mighty swing at its much smaller opponent. Hard pressed to defend himself, the elf bobs and weaves doing his best to avoid his opponents swings. Forced to back up the elf quickly realizes that he must not remain in the path of his pursuers momentum

With a quick step to the side he halts the press of his opponent. With a flourish he is also able to strike a few deep cuts against the reed and metal body. His maneuver is not without cost however, as the warforged is able to land a mighty blow of its own. Within a very short time the two combatants have already scored blood against each other, the excitement of the fight raising a few cheers from the stands.

A strange noise rises from the warforged, and the elf is the first to realize that what can only be described as its mouth is open. The hollow metalic sound issuing forth from its jagged maw, in what can only be described as a furious roar. Correcting its momentum the Warforged renews its press against the smaller elf, bearing down hard and strong.

The elfs quickness does not save him from a second mighty blow from the warforged. Its gladius opening a wide gash against his small frame. Taking advantage of the opening however, the elf steps in and strikes another two blows against his opponent. With a flourish he prepares for a third strike and stops only at the last second as the now inert warforged frame slumps to the ground.

A short battle, as these fresh fights usually are, both combatants badly wounded. But its excitement certainly picks up some attention, more cheering now as the elf is escorted off the floor than there were when the combatants entered. A couple of slaves enter from the other side of the arena to carry away the inert Warforged. Like the elf, it will be repaired, and will see combat in the arena again.


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