This is done as a side game to whatever might be going on. I’ve always imagined that it might be something bigger, but I currently don’t have such resources. As is, it is only played when we happen to have the time and/or inclination. Hopefully here I can make public record the statistics for each match and current standing of combatants. That way when there is a great deal of time between matches I can more easily remember who is where and what is going on.

The basic idea of this game is that each character is a Gladiator in a multidimensional arena. There’s not a whole lot of story, or role playing for that matter. This is very specifically a roll playing game revolving around individual combats. I will accept any player who would like to make an effective lvl 1 character to start, from that point they will earn money and experience after every match and are able to advance their character however they wish.

I describe this as a multidimensional arena specifically so that I can allow any character from any D20 game, D20 modern, D20 Call of Cthulhu, D20 Wheel of Time, D20 Star Wars… you get the idea. Now, I did start this before 3.5 came out, and of course now we have 4th Edition. For now that’s just the way things are. If and when I can expand the game it’ll probably update for edition.

Now that I’ve outlined the game here are a few pages to jump to:


Current Ranking

Also for those that would like to keep up with matches for whatever reason, I have created a twitter account: The_Tournament

Previous Fights

The Tournament

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