Any player who wishes to join may make an effective 1st level Character. I will accept any race/class combo, I will accept any 1st lvl CR Monster, pretty much anything limited only by being effectively first level. I do reserve the right to reject anything, just in case.

Base stats will be determined by rolls, 4D6, reroll 1’s, then drop lowest die. I do want somewhat heroic stats, so I do ask the players confirm their rolls with me. I may very well ask you to reroll low stats. I will reject anything that gives every stat 16 or higher unless I witnessed the rolls myself.

Also, starting at first level, grant the character a one time bonus to their Hit Point total equal to their Con.

Matches will occur when both players and myself have the time.

Players can issue Challenges to any other Character.
  • Any challenge issued to a Character of lower Rank will be considered cowardly

Any Player may reject a Challenge issued against one of their Characters.

Matches are won by bringing your opponent to 0 HP or less.
  • This incapacitates your opponent, even undead. It is assumed that their are healers around that will stabilize your character so that they may heal, however healing occurs at a real time rate, so if you are going to fight again within a day or so, you may consider purchasing a healing potion or two. If you have a gladiator that can heal others, their spells refresh at real time rate.

If a blow lands that would normally kill your character, they are considered knocked out. The owner of said character may determine if it is actually fatal if they wish, otherwise it is assumed that nothing is permanent.


All characters begin Rank 1

If you best three equal Rank opponents in a Row you will rise one Rank.

A loss to any opponent of equal Rank resets your record, you must win three times in succession.

If you best an opponent of lower Rank, that is expected, you do not gain anything.

If you are bested by an opponent of lower Rank, you will drop a Rank.

If you best an opponent of higher Rank, you will Rise a Rank.

Rank Determines:

Each Fight is rewarded a sum of money. The Rank of said fight determines that Sum. Winners receive 2/3rds the sum, Losers receive 1/3rd. I have determined the Pool based upon Character Wealth by Level in the Dungeon Masters Guide.

If opponents are of separate Rank, the Pool is determined by the lowest Rank.
  • This prevents lower Rank characters attempting to benefit by continually challenging higher Rank characters.
  • This also means that higher Rank characters are less likely to accept challenges as it is not worth their time.

Experience Rewards:

Experience is Rewarded based upon the actual level of the Characters, not the Rank.

Winners earn an amount of experience based upon the level of their opponent.

Losers earn an amount of experience as if they had bested an opponent one level higher than themselves.
  • This means that winners earn money, losers earn experience. Everyone should advance regardless of the outcome of the fight.

While the winners get money and equipment, if they advance in rank quickly, they will eventually meet up with characters who are much higher in level than themselves.

Losers on the other hand will advance in level more quickly, but they still have to advance in rank through winning. If a person loses a few matches before rising in Rank, by the time he catches up with the early riser, he will have more levels and equal equipment. In theory this should balance the character progression. Unfortunately I don’t have a large enough player base or long enough run to actually test said theory.

You are the owner of your Character

You can at any time purchase more characters, the cost will be determined by the effective character level you wish to purchase them at.
  • If you have enough money, you can purchase a Red Dragon as your gladiator.
All characters start out Rank 1, and come equipped with one buckler, and one shield. The buckler and shield may be traded full coin value for any other items. If the player already has gold to draw from, they may purchase additional equipment, however you cannot purchase additional Ranks, those must be earned.
  • If you’ve managed to purchase a Red Dragon, they still start as Rank 1

You keep both characters, purchasing a new one does not in any way destroy the other, though if you wish to retire one, they’re your characters.

I will allow trading of characters, just so long as I am informed of the trade. I also reserve the right to veto the trade.


Most likely any group will be temporary. But if players would like to built permanent teams, I will allow that.

For any challenge, the challenger or challenged may request a partner to fight with. The partner has to agree to the pairing, and of course the opponent also has to agree.
  • So if the challenged accepts a match at the request of fighting with a partner, the challenger can call off the match, or request a partner of their own.

Terms for any match must be settled before the match, and the match will proceed only when all parties have agreed.

Match rewards are still determined by the Rank of the Challenger. The amount of money offered by the match does not change, as such it will be distributed among the parties as per their agreement before hand. If no agreement was made, it will be evenly distributed.

Experience is not static however. Experience earned is determined by the number of opponents as well as their level. Experience will always be evenly distributed, but the larger a team you defeat, the more EXP there is to go around.

Permanent teams can only fight as a team, they cannot fight individually. As such the team holds a single Rank, no individual member holds a rank. The team will start as Rank 1 and will advance just as any other character. Which means the team splits any reward and experience earned just as any other group.
  • The team acts as a single character when determining Rank and all that entails
  • The team acts as a group when distributing prize money and Experience.

Some recommendations:

First of all, the more another knows about your character, the more specifically they can tailor their own to beat you. Despite my allowance of characters to be traded, I would not recommend you discuss your characters level, feats, skills, weapons, spells, or really anything outside their Rank and their previous matches.

The other players are your enemies, not your friends. They will be looking for your characters weaknesses, I would expect the same from you.

That said, we’re all friends, and the point of this is to have fun.


I fully encourage any player to gamble on the fights as they see fit. They can either make bets among themselves (If anyone would like to act as bookie, please contact me), or they can make bets directly with me.

Bets among individuals are determined by said individuals, please make sure only to bet money or items you have actually earned within this game. However, if in another game your characters happen to be watching the matches happening within this game… hey, go wild.

Bets made with me will always be considered happening within this particular game. I will not accept a bet made with Gold your characters have not earned. I will also not accept any bet for items.
  • Odds are determined by the Rank of the fighters. Equal Ranked combatants are considered 1:1 odds.
  • Any bets made against a combatant that wins, the combatant receives the bet. So say you place a bet that A will win, but B wins. Not only do you lose the money, but B gains the money. So fighters, encourage betting against your character, it becomes additional prize money when you win.


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